Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Long Distance Journey to Nowhere

utah desertWhat it boils down to is that I don't really know where I'm headed, nor for how long. And that's the way I planned it.

Tomorrow I'm headed out for a two to three week ride across the western USA. I haven't looked at a map, I haven't made any room reservations. I figure I can spot a campground or a motel along the way and see what's available. I'm not sure if I'll be camping most of the time, or moteling most of the time or what. I just figure I should take my camping gear just in case.

Aside from a few change of clothes, some toiletries, my laptop and cellphone, that's all I'm taking. Anything else I need I can get at a gas station or grocery store along the way.

Isn't that just freedom? When you simply plan to leave but don't plan anything else? It's a mystery what the road will lead you to.

Actually, a couple of destinations do come to mind. I'd like to stop into Sturgis, just to see the place. I don't plan to go there during the actual rally, but maybe a week before. And then, I'd like to visit my mom in Denver.

Also, a friend of mine, Larry, said he'll be doing a coast-to-coast and back again ride around the same time. So maybe if things work out just right, we can hook up somewhere.

One bit of news about Motorcycle Philosophy, I've set up a Twitter and Facebook if you'd like to follow there. I'll try to post some additional photos and thoughts there as I ride across the country...


  1. Mate sounds like the perfect holiday. No destination just roads to ride. i am jealous!

  2. Steve, I am to taking a road trip though I know where I'm going lol.. 1465 miles south to a new destination South Florida, where I can ride everyday and enjoy life outside more,Midwest weather has come to a close it's either to HOT!!! or to COLD!!! with not much in between. Steve that is the Ultimate ride everyone wishes for "THE RIDE TO NOWHERE" To not know where your going but to know when you get there!

    "Ride Safe"

    Ed @
    Ed's RoadHousE Jerky

  3. I hope you find everything you are not looking for. You have earned it. It's already been a long journey, hasn't it? Long road that you once set out on with a plan; and where did that lead? So now, no destination seems to fit. I look forward to seeing where THIS road leads you. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds great to me. Looking forward to seeing where the road takes you. Enjoy.

  5. I am incredibly jealous. I cannot wait for some time to pack the tent on the bike and head off at dawn, with no idea where I'll sleep that night.

  6. That is the way to do it, just go, no worries, leave everything behind. Great road on the picture, is that one vehicle I see on that long road?


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