Sunday, July 8, 2012

When You're Already Dead, Who Cares About Your Helmet?

Interesting discussion I read online about a rider who was killed on the freeway in San Diego over the weekend.

It was at night, and some kind of "landscape debris" had gotten kicked up and struck the guy on the helmet, knocking him off the bike.  According to the news report, his motorcycle landed 100 yards away (that's a football field's length).

One guy posted a comment...

Full face helmet may save him


The guy is already dead.  Does he need to know that now?

It seems to me that kind of attitude is prevalent amongst riders who frequent motorcycle forums.  That whatever got a rider killed, could have been prevented had he utilized better safety equipment.

"It's always the rider's fault", seems to be their attitude.

Even if he was stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green, and someone rear-ends him and kills him, some other rider on a forum will say the same thing, "He should have worn a full body glow-in-the-dark yellow jump suit".

Why can't we just pay a rider his respects?

Why can't we just blame the landscape debris in this case?

Why are riders blaming their fellow riders for their own deaths, even when someone/something else was actually to blame?

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