Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are Dreams Another Form of Existence?

motorcycle tunnel vision
Often times I can't remember where I've traveled to. As the trip unfolds, it's amazing and fantastic, but yet in the end, I can't seem to remember the journey. It's as if there's a part of my life that remains mysterious.

If I'm jealous of Sash, it's that she can remember her dreams so vividly. She tells me about them in such great detail, that I'm left dumbfounded how I'm unable to recall anything. I know I dream, because I see very vague hints of what I dreamed, but still not clear enough to associate a few descriptive phrases.

"It's OK, you just had a bad dream", people will often say to each other when one wakes up in the middle of night yelling. It's way to calm someone down from thinking they are about to be physically harmed.

Certainly dreams are real. But are they reality?

To answer that question, one must define what reality is.

But reality is difficult to define because each person has their own belief of what is real. One man believes that God is real, simply because he believes it to be true. Another man may contend that physical evidence must be gathered before one can declare something to be real.

But "physical" is a conditional term. It's limited to what our five senses can detect. Are there other forms of information out there that we cannot detect?

We know sharks can detect the presence of other beings via electricity. Birds can navigate by magnetism. Bees can see objects via ultraviolet light. Mosquitoes can detect the presence of carbon dioxide. Certainly there is lot of information out there that humans are blinded to.

God and Heaven could be right there in front of us, but we don't believe them to exist because our five senses can't detect their presence. But what if our bodies possessed the mechanism to detect their existence? Wouldn't we then consider God and Heaven to be within the realm of science?

So are dreams just as much a part of the physical world? Do dreams not affect the physical body (stress, movement, vocal, sexual,)? Do we not learn and grow from our dreams just as much with everything else in our lives?

It makes we wonder if there are people who spend most of their existence within their dreams.

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