Sunday, January 6, 2008

About Me

Steve, California Highway 49I got my first motorcycle in 1985, a Kawasaki KZ400, as a high school graduation gift from my folks. It was a third-hand bike, and didn't run. My step-father showed me how take it apart, clean it out, and put it back together, and it was my only means of transportation throughout college.

After college, I got a full time job, and bought a pickup truck. I stopped riding at that time. It wasn't until 2004 that I finally bought another motorcycle and took up riding again.

What got me back into riding is my next-door neighbor. He showed me a Harley-Davidson brochure and pointed out the bike that he wanted, a Dyna Wide Glide. I told him that if he bought it, that I'll buy a motorcycle too, and that we'll go riding together. So he bought the bike, and I bought mine, a 2004 Yamaha Road Star.

We did a lot of riding together, and even talked about doing a cross-country road trip. But he ended up moving out due to a divorce, and I was left looking for new riding buddies.

I ended up joining a riding club, the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, but only stayed with them for a few months. Then I left and joined up with a smaller club, Iron Horses Riding Club. I stayed there for 2 1/2 years. Now, some friends and I have launched a new riding club.

I now ride about 30,000 miles each year, having ridden all over the western USA, attending several rallies, runs, and shows. I've done a couple of Iron Butt rides, but never submitted any completed forms.

Motorcycling works out pretty well with my job. I work out of my home publishing and operating websites, just like this one. I can ride during the day, and work at night. I can pack my laptop into my motorcycle, and head out on a road trip. As long as I can find an Internet connection, I'm good to go.

Now days, I don't really care to go to rallies and runs anymore. They're all the same. A lot of people like to go there for the social aspects, and the gratuitous displays of bare skin. I just want to ride my motorcycle. I don't mind hanging out with friends, having some drinks, and chatting away for an afternoon or evening, but I don't want to hangout at a rally for several days.

Most people know me as a quiet guy, a thinker, and listener.

My professional skill lies in business analysis. I'm pretty good at figuring out why business ideas and business practices succeed and fail, and then using that analysis to come up with solutions. Prior to starting my website publishing business, I spent 12 years managing Research & Development departments for software companies.

--Steve Johnson,
Southern California

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  1. 30k miles a year?! You're definitely an inspiration for me and my '05 Sportster Custom. Thanks for posting the maps and detailing your rides. I hope to use the info in the near future. Keep up the good work. (A SoCal Rider)


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