Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Planning A 5-Day Road Trip

Next Sunday, my buddy Brian and I will be heading out on a 5-day road trip through Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. If you include California, it makes four states.

The goal of the trip is to ride the famed, "Coronado Trail", officially known as US Highway 191.

In the early days, it was US Highway 666, and earned the moniker, "The Devil's Highway", which some people still refer to it as.

I've seen references to this highway as being the most twistiest highway in the entire United States, with over 500 curves, much of which are 10-15mph switchbacks, along a 123 mile stretch between the towns of Morenci and Springerville. The road also includes a 5,000ft elevation gain, with the road reaching the 9,000ft level in some places. I've read reports from other riders who said they were eager to ride this road, only to find themselves exhausted from working the clutch lever.

Coronado Trail US Highway 191

It's also one of the most desolate roads, considering it's sparsely populated, and no services for about 100 miles. Sounds like my kind of road!

Well anyways, the plan is for us to ride out to Kartchner Caverns, just south of Benson, AZ, and camp overnight.

Then we'll head north and take the ride up Coronado Trail, and go all the way to Lyman Lake for another overnight camp.

Next, bear northwest, and I think maybe taking a ride through the Petrified National Forest. Then jumping on the I-40 west to the Grand Canyon, for our third night of camping.

We'll then head north bright and early and take the bridge over the Colorado River up by Page, AZ. Then we'll make our way into Utah, and camp once again somewhere in Zion National Park.

For the last day, we'll head home down the I-15, through Nevada, and into Southern California.

I don't know if I'll be taking my laptop with me. I don't think I'll find much in terms of Wi-Fi access, particularly when we'll be pitching tents, and I'll be spending most of time riding or exploring by foot.

Well, I'm so glad that warmer weather is here. I've been thinking about doing road-trips all winter long.

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  1. Look forward to hearing more about this trip, looks like a good one.

    Let me know if you ever decide to venture up to the PacNorthWest.


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