Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deep Thoughts on a Motorcycle

biker thoughtsOne thing riding a motorcycle gives me is plenty of time to think.

And that's what I did today.

Took a ride down to Escondido, CA to pick up friend, and then we were going to ride to Solana Beach for lunch at Pizza Port. Except, he never showed up. I tried to call him, and then realized that I never put his new number into my cell phone.

So after waiting 25 minutes, I said "screw it", and took off.

Instead of Pizza Port, I found myself with a longing for the shrimp salad at Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad. So over to the coast I went, riding through some back roads, until I finally reached Pacific Coast Highway. And then north until I arrived at my destination.

But along the way, I started thinking about stuff that I had been thinking about the past week.

Riding along PCH, I watched the ocean waves pounding the beach. Just smelling the sea air helps clear my head. You can't get "aromatherapy" while driving a car, unless the guy next to you farts.

I've got Kathleen Edwards' CD playing on my Electra Glide. She seems to sing a lot about anger and struggling, and she has this "girl next door" timbre on her voice, and makes it feel like you're hearing a real person talk to you. I get the sense that she grew up with these feelings.

I grew up with the same feelings too. I'm always dealing with this demon that tempts my anger. I used this demon to drive me to succeed, but I have to harness it so that it doesn't get out of control. So, I'm always thinking, evaluating, and measuring. I'm fortunate to have enough common sense to see the bigger picture, and not judge things on the moment. Riding my motorcycle helps me maintain this balancing act.

Seeing the bigger picture is perhaps what motorcycle riding gives me. I dunno. But whenever I need to sort things out in my mind, that's what it always comes down to. It's always the details that bug you, but it's seeing the bigger picture that mellows it out. I guess if I were inside of a car, I'd feel contained and caged up. But on a motorcycle, I'm out in the open, and I see things on a grander scale.

By the time I dig into my shrimp salad, I've pretty much mellowed out.

I come home, and my wife is surprised to see me back so early. I guess I had plenty of time to ride some more. But I've resolved the demon once again, and it feels good to be back home.


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