Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Definition of Biker Friendly

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The fact is that the term, "biker friendly" is somewhat of an oxymoron, because about 99% of all places and establishments are friendly to bikers. Biker money is the same as anyone else's money. Any biker can go to a Denny's restaurant, and receive friendly service there.

It's more appropriate to use the term "biker unfriendly", as that would narrow down your list of search results to a manageable few.

However, when a biker describes a place as being "biker friendly", they mean that the management has an affinity for biker clientele. It's not so much that a lot of bikers go to that place, it's just that bikers tend to be treated with greater attention and understanding.

For myself, I don't give a damn if the management has an affinity for bikers. I just want to be treated like any other customer. If I were to visit a biker bar, I'd expect the level of service to be different than if I were to visit a TGI Fridays. You don't want children and soccer moms at a biker bar; you go to a biker bar to get away from that segment of society.

But biker bars are not necessarily, "biker friendly". Like other establishments, they treat all clientele the same. They just don't kiss ass, and they don't bend over backwards for you. The girls working there will cuss and shake their asses, and give you some attitude if you got a problem. For that reason, the soccer moms and yuppie dads tend to stay away.

The hard core bikers and veterans of the road don't necessarily want to patronize an establishment that actually markets itself as "biker friendly", because all that does is brings in the RUBs and posers. On the other hand, the money that RUBs and posers bring in is the same as anyone else's money.

People are also using the term, "biker friendly cities" to describe a town that isn't waging a war against bikers. This is also somewhat oxymoronic. No city goes out of its way to be friendly to bikers, with maybe the possible exception of Sturgis, SD. Otherwise, 99% of the police departments out there treat bikers the same as they treat cagers. But there is that 1% that seem to pay extra attention to bikes with loud pipes, although that's usually because there is a specific problem of loud pipes, not because they just like to bust bikers.

If anything, bikers don't want extra attention, they don't want staff to go out of their way to welcome them in. They prefer to be treated the same as any other customer, and without being made a public spectacle.


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