Friday, March 7, 2008

Riding With Strangers

Yesterday I went for a ride with Joe, a guy I barely know.

I met him a few weeks ago on a website, where bikers in my general area congregate to chat, BS, and share their thoughts. Since he lives in my town, I threw him an e-mail just to say "hi".

A week later, we hooked up for a ride to San Clemente to grab some pizza and hang out. I took my wife, and he took his girlfriend. We had good time.

Yesterday, we hooked up again, grabbing some lunch at a fish shack in Carlsbad.

That's basically what I've doing over the past few years, meeting riders in my area via the Internet, hooking up for rides, and forming friendships with some.

On HDForums, under the California section, there are guys there organizing "Sunday Rides" and "Saturday Rides", and people from all over SoCal hook up, and ride as a pack for just the afternoon.

When Joe and I left the fish shack, and headed up Pacific Coast Highway, we crossed paths with another guy, Jorge, who was riding his bike back home. I met Jorge a year ago, also on the Internet. Jorge decided to turn around and ride with us a for a ways.

I don't know how many riders I've met online and hooked up for rides, but thinking back over the past few years, there's been lots.

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  1. Hello Brother. Yes I've been on a few rides with strangers, myself but can you really be strangers AFTER a ride? I mean, there's something about the .... I don't know, Shared revelations of the road?.. anyway, even the most different of people end up feeling the kindred spirit on the road. You don't even have to talk a lot... the ride says a lot.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I do enjoy reading about the experiences of like-minded individuals.
    And yes, that was me in the Dealership yesterday. I wish you'd said hello. I always like to talk bikes and I'm glad to know that someone actually reads my blog. You've made my day. Hell, now that I know you're local, maybe we can meet up & ride sometime.


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