Thursday, March 27, 2008

If You Don't Ride, Then You Don't Know

If you don't ride, then you don't know
Where I've been and where I go.
It's all about the freedom of the open road.


  1. Well that pretty much says it all. Thanks for posting that.

  2. S.T.A.R is a joke like it was said they claim not to be a MC but do EVERYTHING to be like the some of the worst ones that have ever been they stomp all over a members right to FREE speech if this was posted on the star forum the poster would have been banned by now and the message deleted

    I will admit I was a member of star but woke up real fast when the chapter president ordered me to remove my PGR patch from my vest I was a PGR member before a joining star I could see that all star cares about is MONEY that goes directly into the pockets of Alan Cease and Ron Greene so my advise to anyone thinking of joining star DON"T waste your time or money join your local abate star is full of posers who mostly want your money and will take you no where fast you will be barred from attending charity toy runs and poker runs but god help you if you don't show up and give your money to star you will be made a point of ridicule for not spending your cash with star

  3. I am posting this here to make you aware of an issue that began with a post last week on the STAR Touring and Riding forum last week. A member posted information highlighting a CBS report calling into question the role of Feed the Children in Haiti. Feed the Children is a charity supported by the STAR organization. No one was pointing fingers or making any inference that anyone in STAR was doing anything wrong. The report brought to light that only 22-23% of the cash donations to Feed the Children was making it's way to children and several law suites against board members and directors of Feed the Children. I was shocked to see several members and the moderator Vinnie Greva attack the member making the original post. I watched what went on as posts were deleted and the member disparaged. Finally I posted questioning the tactics of the moderator and the fairness being shown the member who made the post. The whole thing had a ring of Gestapo-like tactics to silence the member posting this information. After my post the moderator attacked me and the next day I found my forum rights suspended. Later I got an e-mail from the Sgt-at-Arms of the club Mark Vrabel telling me I needed to send a letter of apology to STAR or my forum rights would be permanently suspended. The submit or else tactic really set me off. I responded by comparing the whole experience to what happened in Germany in the 30's and I was deeply insulted as an American citizen with the right of freedom of speech.
    Quite honestly although I am a Charter Member of STAR and have paid 14 years of dues to STAR I really don't participate much and have not seen much value for the $45 a year. I have always looked at my dues as my way of supporting Yamaha and the sport of motorcycling. I sent an e-mail to Alan Cease the President of STAR and thus haven't even received the courtesy of a reply. I guess I'll have another $45 in my pocket to put to better use this year.

  4. I hear ST&R is falling apart. Alan Cease is rumored to be stepping down. Chapters are falling by the way side. You paid Alan to support his riding habit. None of your membership dues went to supporting Yamaha and the sport of motorcycling, that can be achieved by supporting your local dealer.


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