Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Smell of Ocean Air

A friend and I took an evening ride today to Carlsbad, to grab some chow at the Harbor Fish Cafe, one of my favorite eats.

We came off of La Costa Ave and right on to Pacific Coast Highway, heading north.

I really love this area because you're hit with this smell of salty ocean air, and the cool breeze blowing at your left side.

Being this was around 6:30pm at the time, for the next several miles, the sea air was combined with the smell of barbeques and campfires.

I wondered where were the smells of roasted marshmallows?

There was a point where I could smell weenies roasting.

Smelling the air is something you don't get in a car.

I took the photo above while I was riding, but too bad because the photo is really awful, and doesn't do justice at how beautiful the scene was. The setting sun was able to find enough cracks in the cloud layer to send some rays down on the water's surface.

My friend riding with me was the same guy that crashed his bike a month ago (I wrote about him here). He didn't have his windshield on because he broke it in the crash. But now he likes riding without it much better.

He said, "This is what I really love about riding without a windshield, cruising up the coast at a moderate pace, the cool wind in my face, smelling the ocean air".

Yeah, me too.

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  1. We did a ride about a month ago that took us down to Duxbury, the rich ocean-side town that's home to a few of the boys from Aerosmith. I know exactly what you mean. There's nothing quite like riding near the ocean and smelling the sea air. I actually feel bad for folks who live in the middle of our country and have never even seen the ocean.

    Fresh water lakes can be beautiful, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing like the ocean.


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