Friday, July 11, 2008

Motorcycles and Weight Loss

Got back last night from an overnight ride up north.

My butt kept getting sore from riding. Seems like after the first 100 miles, it would start aching.

Since the beginning of this year, I've lost 35 pounds by sticking to a low-carb, low-fat diet, mostly eating a lot of beef jerky for about four days a week, and the other three days eating my normal diet.

I guess I lost a lot of it off my ass, cause I can't seem to ride for as long as I used to. My tailbone keeps making itself known.

It's mostly my Electra Glide, and the stock seat. My Road Star on the other hand, has an aftermarket seat from "Ultimate Seats", and hasn't given me problems.

I notice now that Ultimate Seats now makes them for Harleys.

While they might be great for me, I don't know how my wife would like their passenger seat. She didn't like the one they made for the Road Star. But for whatever reason, she loves the stock seat on the Electra Glide. So do I want to spend $480.00 for a seat that I might like, but my wife may not like? I guess I could swap out the seats whenever she wants to go for a ride.

But I just don't have the $480.00 to spend these days.

I may end up riding the Road Star more often.


  1. heh, Steve, first off that picture cracked me up. Second, congrats on the weight loss. We have nothing without good health. Third, go buy the seat because you are saving a bundle by losing the weight in improved gas mileage and less tire wear!

    I have always kept my stock seat. I have found if you ride enough your ass adjusts to it. Good posture helps alot...just doesn't look as cool as the "easy rider" position.

  2. passenger seats pretty much all suck! get your wife an airhawk seat cushion

  3. My stock seat on the Sportster was brutal. While it was being fixed over the winter, I upgraded to a Mustang seat. I've been riding comfortably all season so far, and at 6 feet and 190, I don't exactly have an over-abundance of my own natural insulation down there.

    Ronman is a pretty big guy though, and he told me he's been riding a Mustang for years and loves them. Whether it's worth the money or not is relative to yourself. I don't regret it one bit. For me, it was worth it because I ride a lot. I know when I'm riding 1,100 miles each way to and from Milwaukee next month, I'll be even gladder.

  4. I bought a Mustang seat for my Road Star and rode it for 4,000 miles, and didn't like it. I found it harder than the stock Road Star seat. I'm assuming I won't like the Electra Glide mustang seat either.

    I think Dave is right on about good posture. I notice that the tail bone doesn't get in the way when I sit straight.

    As for the air hawk, I actually bought one for the wife years ago, and she just didn't like sitting on it. I thought about using it, but I'm already "inseam challenged", and it just puts me more tippy-toed.

  5. Hey Steve, you really wanna lose some weight? Get a Sportster and keep the stock seat. You'll be getting off every 50-60 miles and walking around alot in circle trying to get the circulation going again! ;) Fortunatly for me I don't go on too many long rides but if I did I would invest the dough to get a touring seat for my Sportster.

  6. Steve
    I had a guy in NC "Wicked" or something like that took my stock streetglide seat and put hospital foam in the "ass" area. It cost 100 bucks and I did 4,000 trip to Sturgis and back last year and not pain at all.

  7. Haha funny photo! And good luck finding a seat that works :) I just got into motorcycles recently working for Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and it’s really awesome how passionate people are about their bikes. If you’re going to be at Sturgis this year, we’re sponsoring Thunder Road! You can get a coupon for a free t-shirt custom designed by Sucker Punch Sallys by hitting - print the coupon and bring it to our booth at Sturgis for your free shirt, and from there you’ll have a chance to win a new bike also designed for Progressive by Sucker Punch Sallys.

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    Ride safe,
    Gia Anderson
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  8. LOL

    I thought it was just me. I lost close to 50lbs last year and my ass hurts sooner on the bike. It has gotten better, I think I'm building callouses or something. ;)


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