Monday, November 9, 2009

Biker Fashion Without the Motorcycle

Susan Carpenter, who writes about motorcycle stuff for the Los Angeles Times, mentions in her latest article that fashion designers are using the motorcycle for inspiration...

"Designers have been revving up their collections this season with studded handbags, strappy boots, leather jackets and other items of "biker chic" -- fashionable, motorcyclist-derived clothing that allows women to look tough without actually throwing a leg over."

She goes on to try out some of these fashion pieces, and then hops on a Harley to see if they offer any kind of functionality for riders.

I'm curious to know what bikers these fashion designers saw when they designed these clothes, because the woman in the photo (in the above linked article) doesn't resemble any of the women riders in my neck of the woods.

It's also amusing to note that this is their image of the American biker.


  1. Actual bikers don't look that cool???? Does this woman have ANY idea what she's talking about?!!!!

  2. She doesn't have to have any idea what she's writing about. She's attractive, thin, rides, and has a good paying job that involves riding & writing about motorcycles.... Most sensible men would want her even if she had a nasty case of "bed-head" and was wearing the worst leathers ever made. As a matter of fact, that might make her hotter ;-) The fact that she can't figure that out might make her a little annoying, though.

  3. All I have to say about this is, "Who gets to decide what a biker should or shouldn't look like." That in itself is against the whole biker spirit. However...I do get a little raw when I see someone who doesn't ride at bike at all trying to set the trend. It even gets me more upset when I start seeing riders buying this shit just because they think it will make them fit in!...well, unless of course, it's functional. You gotta' remember, motorcycle riding was only for the really rich folks in the beginning. You shoulda' seen what they wore. People don't even show up to church looking that nice nowadays. Maybe they are trying to get back at us for fucking up their shiny image with all the dirty leather, blue jeans and engineer boots! Wear what you want! Ride naked for all I care...just make sure you ride and enjoy the wind. Preferrably putting more than 1k on your ride a year...pfffttt.

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