Saturday, December 12, 2009

Illegal To Sell Motorcycles on Sunday

Good news everyone! The State of Indiana is seeking to make it legal to sell motorcycles on Sunday...

Because it's now illegal to do so.


  1. Uhhhh....Hitler still lives on. WTF???

  2. That is insane. How did a law like that even get passed? Do they also have a law that says you can’t get laid on Tuesday?

  3. No Car,no Bike. no beer (or any liquor) sales in the State of Indiana on Sunday. Some large Harley dealers will open just for clothing sales but cannot even discuss a Bike standing 5 feet a way. Some will post a copy of the statue on the seat of the bike.
    The liquor laws are even more bizzare. Can't sell cold beer if you sell milk. No internet purchases of wines unless you the buyer have actually visted the winery and produce documentation that you are over 21. And you have to be over 21 to eat at a restrurant if you have to walk past the bar in order to get to the bathroom!!

  4. Any person of less than absolute clarity (trying to be nice, here) is likely to possess neither the ability nor the desire to recognize either the dangers or warning signs associated with a government's ever increasing and impending appetite for control over its citizens… whew!!!

  5. If I were a motorcycle dealer in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio or Illinois, would I be opposed or in favor of this new legislation ?
    "HMMM -- Must consider my interests in this."


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