Monday, April 5, 2010

Arizona Trip, Twisties

Today is what the whole trip was about, riding the Coronado Trail, US Hwy 191, what we consider to be one of the roads in the western USA for motorcycle riding.

This is a photo of our bikes in Clifton, AZ, at the southern start of the highway. Last night we camped off the side of the road midway up the highway. This morning we rode north and came back south through New Mexico on highway 180. And then back over to Clifton, where we took another pass at the Coronado Trail.


  1. That Coronado trail puts a grin on your face... don't it Steve? :o) ...

    THAT... is a road that tells a guy ... uh... or a gal :o) what putting your knees in the Wind is all about!

  2. There is no doubt, camping on Federal Lands lends the feeling of turn of the century cowboys. The campfire, our steeds standing nearby...the stars...nothing feels quite as satisfying as when we pull the meat off the file listening to the fat sizzle as we wait for it to cool. Then wolf it down with big gulps of water...Yeah, I like camping out west...


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