Friday, April 2, 2010

Motorcycle Camping in Arizona

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out on a 5-day motorcycle camping trip into Arizona with guys from our riding club.

We do this trip every Spring Break, though not necessarily the same exact route.

This will be my first motorcycle camping trip on my Honda ST1300. I've got it all packed up and ready to go. Seems like I have more space to carry things on the ST1300 compared to my Ultra Classic. But that may also be because over the many camping trips I've done, I'm just taking less and less stuff.

motorcycle camping
Anyways, I plan to take plenty of photos.

In fact, I'll snap some photos with my cellphone, and upload them to this blog as it happens, along with some notes. It'll be just like you're there with us.

Provided of course, I have cell service where I'm going.

Here's a preliminary map of our route...

This route will more than likely change. Some of these roads are still closed due to unseasonally high snow fall. So we'll have to shoot from the hip, and figure out alternative routes as we get there.

But that whole spontaneity thing is part of what our club is about. Whatever happens, we're going to get some good riding in, and have a great time.


  1. Looks like you're in for a fine week... make sure you take your longjohns! It may be Arizona... but that road south of Alpine, and west across the rim are both pretty high! :o)

    Have a sweet ride!

  2. Looks like a cool ride. Have a great time!


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