Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Love a Rude Biker Chick

Meet the world's newest female motorcycle blogger...

That's my new wife.

I divorced my old wife last year. After riding solo for some time, I picked up a new passenger, and eventually she moved into the rear seat and started decorating the place. I guess that makes it permanent.

She goes by the name, "Sash" because she was a former beauty queen.

But don't let the good looks fool you.  I'd be the one riding bitch if her legs were long enough to stand up the Honda ST.  Her shtick is all about looking fashionable and sexy with the toughness and wit to back it up.

She's actually more full of personality and expression to my dry, introspective way of writing. She's written for magazines for years, and later learned the fine art of advertising sales. She's also written a book of poetry. Today, she runs her own consulting business and does motivational speaking.

She got her motorcycle endorsement (license) not too long ago, but still doesn't have a two-wheeler of her own. So for now, she's blogging from the passenger seat.

Her father was a long time Harley rider, and she feels it's in her blood to ride.

So, give a fellow motorcycle blogger a chance, and make her a part of your regular reads.


  1. Former beauty queen? Looks like she could still compete. Truly, congrats! Glad you got back on You're local so let's plan to get the gals out on the bikes and grab some pie and cider in Julian some time.

    1. Sure, email me at Steve31266 at gmail.

  2. Congratulations Steve! May there be thousands of miles of happiness in your and the Mrs.'s life!!

  3. Thanks much Arizona!


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