Monday, February 18, 2013

Taking a 6-Month Motorcycle Trip

You can't get lost if you don't have a destination.

As announced today on eBikerLeather, Sash and I are taking a 6-month motorcycle trip across USA and Canada, beginning in April. eBikerLeather is a sponsor, providing us with road gear.

We're going to move out of our apartment in San Diego, put everything into storage, and then ride homeless. We're taking our laptops because we still have our respective e-businesses to run. I'm taking just a couple changes of clothes, I think she is too. Aside from that, not much else. I figure if we need anything, we can stop at a store somewhere.

We have no destination in mind. We have no route. We have no expectations other than to pull into a city and stay there for a week to see all the sights. Then, pick another city that sounds good and ride there.

It took a lot of convincing to get Sash to limit her travel wardrobe to just a couple sets. She had been trying to find a way to take more. So, I told her that when we pull into a city, we'll find a thrift store and she can buy more clothes. Then when we leave town, we'll donate them back.

The thing about having an expectation is that you rarely get to see it. So when you don't see it, you're disappointed. It just seems to make sense that people will be a lot happier if they don't expect anything. So that's why we're not creating a plan.

For me, the real fun about this trip is paring down my possessions to just a couple set of clothes, a motorcycle, and a laptop. Seems like I could live forever that way.

This has actually been a dream of mine going back to 2003, when I quit my regular job and started Clear Digital Media, a company that owns and operates some 50+ websites including this one.  After becoming my own boss and running my business from the cloud, the idea seemed doable.

Sash's business is run from the cloud as well.  She does consulting on sales, marketing, public relations, blogging, and social media.

In a way, this "motorcycle bohemia" we're embarking on is to demonstrate that it's possible.

And if it is possible, then why limit it to six months?

Perhaps, that's a question I'll ponder when I get there.

We'll be launching a separate blog to document the trip. Motorcycle Philosophy will continue to publish my personal thoughts about life on the road, and Sash Mouth will continue to document her thoughts as well.


  1. Please make sure you put in your route the Garden State, aka New Jersey :-)
    You know how to get in touch with me, Facebook or Google+.
    Can't wait to read about the adventure.

  2. Ok, we are waiting for your story on the trip

  3. I imagine New Jersey will come up for us George, I'll be sure to look you up.

  4. Can a person ride a road bike, NOT ride across africa or china and still call it an adventure? Damn straight. Adventure lays in the mind and in perception of the world he's passing through... oops, sorry Sash! or she's passing through ;) not on a map...

    You are making this old scooter driver jealous as hell! This journey and the way you intend to ride it bumps you two up into an elite bunch! ;) awesome!

  5. Im looking forward to following this guys. Be safe.

  6. Steve:

    Must be exciting. Only a month and a bit, then you are OFF and away. Can't wait to read about your adventures and hope to see you both "on the road". I plan to be around PA during mid/late July 2013 heading towards Maine. Keep in touch

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Well, maybe we'll hook if we happen to in PA or ME around then, Bob!

  7. Envy isn't the word, Steve. Yeah, we'll be following you. Wishing you well. Thinking about meeting up with you somewhere along the way on your travels.

    Would love to meet you and Sash out somewhere and buy you both a brew before you start out.

    Damn, safe, stay sane, come back a better person.



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