Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two Months into a Six Month Road Trip

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Nearly three years ago I opined on this blog if I could only get by with just a motorcycle as my transportation. Back then, I owned a 3,000 sq ft house with a sizeable backyard that required gardening tools. It turned out I needed my pickup truck to help me buy the things I needed to maintain a house.

Fast forward to today, Sash and I are 60 days into this six-month motorcycle road trip, and here we are getting by with just our motorcycles. Who knew that three years ago my life would turn upside down and I'd be in the position that I had dreamed about?

But when I was in college, a motorcycle was my only transportation for some three years. So, it's not like this is anything new for me. On the other hand, in my college days I was just starting my life as an adult. Today, in my 40s, I'm starting my life over again. Whereas before, the road looked long and endless, today I've ridden half the distance and just barely discovering who I really am inside.

That's a big difference in the way I saw life then, versus how I see it now.

Here in Memphis, TN, it's hot and humid. It makes your skin sticky all over. When stopped at an intersection, the flies and gnats come towards you. They somehow love the way I smell. Everyone else seems to be happy in their air conditioned cars, and they don't suffer the problem of smelling like sweat in the close confines of a crowded bar.

But then again, that's what it's like when a motorcycle is your only means of transportation.

The hot sticky weather, the chilly cold, the rain and hail... These conditions only make me want to get out and ride in hopes of discovering something about myself or at least building the character I hope to build. This trip isn't just about seeing the country on a motorcycle, it's about tearing down the old facades that I hide behind and rebuilding myself into the man that I would like to be.

In the 2+ years I've been with Sash, I've discovered how "co-dependent" I am. I feel a sense of value when I find that she's happy. In moments when she's not happy, I end up feeling value-less, and I wonder why she ever wanted to be with me. The solution to that is to find value within myself, rather than in someone else's approval. And perhaps that's where this road trip comes into play.

I loved watching "Survivor Man", where Les Stroud would drop himself into some remote, dangerous part of the world, armed with just a few things in his pack, and set up all his own video equipment. The guy found a way to live and did it under whatever conditions Mother Nature threw at him.

Certainly, I'm no Les Stroud, but I admire what the guy demonstrated.


  1. The journey of self discovery sounds wonderful, hot sticky southern humidity - not so much.

  2. Steve:

    I could probably exist with only a bike, but I cannot be selfish when I am the only one who rides

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Wow, Steve, you are really moving along.

    I envy so much about you two.

    A question: I'd like to hear about a day when you woke up and said, "Let's go to X today. Just because."

    Ride on, my brother.


  4. Great Trip, really enjoy reading about it! Keep discovering and have Fun

    Whisky Throttle

  5. I think most people could live without so much 'stuff'. It overcomplicates our lives and our identities become wrapped up in maintaining our huge homes and our impressive lawns.

    Good for you for going out there and experiencing life. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  6. What is it about a man in his 40's that requires us to challenge ourselves with something "new"?

  7. So happy for you and sash! The closest I came to getting to know my self was back packing for 8 days in the sierras and death valley. For a year I quit my job when I was 28, and traveled to mexico city and many quant towns past it for 5 weeks. Rode my bicycle around san diego for a year, even though I had anew car...parked and covered it. Riding a motorcycle all over america and then some is just awsome!!!!!! Ride safe....keep on keeping on....shiny side up. I went down on sage by myself 2 months ago..have been on 4 200-300 mile rides since. :)

  8. Great to read of your travels so far. You and Sash are really doing this properly and what better way could there possibly be of seeing America? I love what you are doing.


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