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Rehabilitating in Yuma, AZ

us-95 arizona motorcycle
Sash riding south along US-95 just miles from the Mexican border
Yuma, AZ has always been my favorite destination when I needed an easy respite from San Diego. And as such, it's always been the best contrast to the frenetic, chaotic pace of metropolitan life.

Riding down here from Las Vegas the week before, we nestled ourselves into a hotel and have enjoyed a rehabilitation from the madness and noise of Sin City.

Even more so for Sash.

Her inner-ear infection seems to have gone away the days we've spent in Yuma. She was also able to produce some work in the form of social media postings for clients and even produced a video for Ride Empowered.

Even though Yuma and Las Vegas are only a day's ride of 295 miles along the US-95, the two cities are world's apart in culture, amenities, and character. Yuma is slow. People aren't in a hurry to get anywhere, and it doesn't take that long to get from one end of town to the other. There aren't many choices here either, with the exception of taco shops.

In other words, Yuma is a good place to go if you don't want to think.

It has only one tourist destination, Yuma Territorial Prison. There's only one choice for craft beer, Pint House Bar & Grill. There's only one Harley dealer, and one metric dealer. If you want a coffee shop, there's only one, aside from the seven Starbucks.

It's rather relaxing having fewer choices. Sash and I have fewer arguments about where to go for lunch. Everyone here dresses the same and acts the same, and that has an homogenizing effect on you. It's like going to a mountain retreat to refocus your sense of self.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence too that here in Yuma we've stepped up efforts to eat healthier and exercise more. That is, the last four months we've put on a lot of weight, particularly during our two weeks in Sturgis.  I've actually been hitting the hotel gyms the past 30 days or so, but have since increased my workout regimen here in Yuma.  Now, Sash is hitting the gym too, and the two of us are tracking calories on MyFitnessPal, an Android app on our phones.

And that's something about living the motorcycle gypsy life. It's otherwise a lot of riding, eating, and hanging out with people.  Folks always insist you eat at their favorite place, and others are wanting to buy you dinner.  You need the metabolism of a sea otter just to keep from looking like Roseanne and Dan Conner.

While we were in Yuma, we got to meet Dennis Munden who runs a business called "Motorcycle Maps". He's actually from Boaz, AL, but was in Yuma visiting other people.  His business produces apps for iPhone and Android that list names and locations of great little hole-in-the-walls and mom-and-pops across the United States. It's like a database of cool places for motorcyclists to go to.

On our last full day in Yuma, we took a ride south to the Mexican border, though didn't cross. We only made a loop along US-95 and then came back around on AZ-195. The ride gave us an opportunity to discover some of the more authentic, ethnic Mexican eateries, instead of the Americanized-varieties you find closer to the Interstate.

Today, we're leaving Yuma and are headed to Palm Springs, CA for a few days.

Here are photos from our week in Yuma...

Sash looking "gangsta" along
US-95 towards Mexico.
Downtown Yuma is the best
place to go drinking.
Having carne asada tacos at
La Flor Mexican Restaurant.
Me, Sash, and Dennis Munden
at Logan's Roadhouse.
My Surface Pro 3 at The
Coffee Bean
in Yuma.
Dennis Munden showing his
Motorcycle Maps app.
Outside La Flor Mexican
Restaurant in Yuma.
Awesome chow at Tacos Mi
Ranchito in Yuma.
Sash made this bean, meat, &
cheese dip for the NFL games.
Our healthier breakfast at the
Having chef salads at Penny's
Diner in Yuma.
We bought Sash the new LG
G3 smartphone.
They don't have speed bumps
in Yuma.
Me riding south along US-95
headed towards Mexico.
Tacos Mi Ranchito in Yuma
has awesome Mexican food.
I bought Sash this turquoise
skull bracelet in Yuma.
At the Yuma Quartermaster
Sash "getting physical" at the
hotel gym.

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  1. It sounds as though Yuma was the perfect place for you two to go and regroup mentally and physically before hitting the road again. Mellow with few choices can definitely be a good thing for a bit.


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