Monday, November 10, 2014

Slimming Down in San Diego

jogging on treadmill
We've been in San Diego for nearly two weeks now, and it hasn't taken us long to begin a regimen of eating better and exercising more.

When we were living day to day, week to week, from one city after another, we ate poorly and ate too much. On top of it, we were often so busy seeing sights, meeting people, doing business, that we were too mentally exhausted to hit the hotel gym.

When Sash and I left San Diego last June, I was about 179 pounds. A few months later, after we finished up with Sturgis and finally arrived in Longmont, CO, I was 200 pounds. In Longmont, we stayed at a Residence Inn, which has a decent gym, and I was hitting it every other day.

Since then, I'm now on a pace of hitting the gym about 5 days a week, doing mostly cardio for 60-75 minutes, with some moderate weightlifting.

I don't really know what my weight is right now, because the condo we're renting doesn't come with a scale, and nor does its gym. But I'm definitely smaller than I was when we left San Diego last June. I'm guessing I'm 170 right now.

Sash is focused more than ever on eating healthy. She's eating more organics and higher fiber. She also got us both using the MyFitnessPal app, which has really helped us both to track our calories in and calories out. The app has shed light on how many calories I was consuming through beer. I always knew a pint of craft brew was around 250 calories, but the app does a good job of showing you how it sabotages your weight loss efforts.  As a result, I've greatly curtailed my ale.

Is our road trip over?

No, we're just spending the colder months here in San Diego. We rented this condo on Airbnb for 3 months. At the end of January, our plan is to head north through California and Oregon, and spend a couple months across various cities before reaching Seattle, WA sometime around April. Of course, plans can change, and the way things have gone with our road trips, they always have. But we definitely want to do a north-west swing.

I actually have a lot of hotel rewards points, as well as credit card points, so we'll likely take some weekend trips and redeem those in during the meantime.


  1. Steve,

    I think it's great that you're doing so well with your fitness program. I need to get off my butt and follow your example. It seems like I've had just about every excuse imaginable over the past couple of months. I need to let go of the excuses and as the Nike commercials used to say, "Just Do It."

    Thanks for reminding me that it can be done!


  2. Beer isn't your enemy, man. It's sweets. Stay away from all sugar, whenever possible. It's so much easier to burn beer calories than sugar calories.

  3. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your routine, Steve.

  4. Good for you two for getting in there and getting healthier. I guess there is something to be said for routine....sometimes.

    I am a creature of habit. Not sure what I'd do without routine. Although this doesn't include a gym. I figure it is easier not to eat it in the first place than try and burn it off.

  5. Consider going gluten free, both of you. Read the book, The Wheat Belly. You will be convinced when you read about all the internal damage wheat and "high fiber" products do to your inside. Most people you see who look very fit and healthy don't eat grains/fiber with gluten. It makes all the difference. This country has been tricked into thinking a high fiber diet will help you lose weight and get healthy when in fact 99% of the fiber/grains in this country has been genetically modified such that they it have he same affect on the brain as heroin. Yes!! That's why we can't eat just one "high fiber" muffin, or cracker, or cookie. It's all in the book. This book changes lives. Good luck. Love you guys.

    1. Sash and I have largely ditched wheat, including whole wheat products, though not necessarily gluten-free, mostly to bring our carbs down. But based on your advice, we'll look more closely for gluten-free foods.


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