Monday, January 5, 2015

Does Google Hate Harleys and Bikers?

Autocomplete is a feature of Google Search that displays a list of suggested search queries as soon as you start typing. According to Google, the suggested queries are based on what other users have actually searched.

So let's take a look at what people are searching with respect to Harley-Davidson and bikers.

These Autocomplete suggestions are with Global Results turned on...

Could you imagine Harley-Davidson coming out with a line of douchebags called, "Milwaukee's Eve"?

I guess when a motorcycle costs the same as a brand new Ford F350, you want to check with Google to make sure it's worth it.

Because if bikers really are getting laid, then it'd be a lot cheaper than buying an Italian sports car.

It's kinda sad and hilarious that people use Google to learn how to look and act like a biker.

If everyone knew how bikers made money, then everyone would become bikers.

Or maybe people are getting way too hooked on Sons of Anarchy.

This is the second search phrase that associates "harleys" with "gay".

No, but if you line the inside of a motorcycle helmet with aluminum foil, it will prevent aliens from reading your thoughts.


  1. All valid points Steve. I dislike auto complete more than I dislike auto correct though. I tried watching SOA one time and couldn't make it through a whole episode and have never understood the fascination with that program either. On the other hand a Harley brand douche may be a money maker. :-) That one did give me a laugh.
    Thanks for your words and thoughts.

  2. I want to believe that when people are asking "Will a motorcycle survive an emp?" they are misspelling the word, intending to ask whether motorcycles are imp-proof. Presumably they are, but only when equipped with a gremlin bell.

  3. Nice. Funny that people have actually googled those questions.

    Entirely different story if you call yourself a motorcyclist. It comes up with things like "Do for parking" and ."Do motorcyclists.....make better drivers."


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