Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Motorcycle Safety Film from 1973

A motorcycle safety film from 1973, starring Peter Fonda and Evel Knieval...

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Shows that a lot of things don't change. Some good statistics presented in here too.


  1. Hey, that was pretty cool. Funny how some things never change and how others have.

    I like the "after being cut off, give the driver a nasty look once you get up next to them" part of the video.

    retro motorcycle training. I think I enjoyed it more than some of the newer videos.

  2. I finally had time to sit down and watch from start to finish. That was a great video, thanks for sharing it. As a brand new rider I thought it had a lot of good info, even being as old as it is. The best part of it..."assume that car drivers are asleep, blind, or drunk." I think I'll remember that one.

  3. So I'm trying to find a cool nickname for my boyfriend he is a heavy machine engineer he is very funny comebacka without a thought..Love his Harley and has even did a few biker rodeos also loves skulls with the crossbones we met on p.o.f. and hit it off good any ideas


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