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Velva-Ride Motor Mount is Way Cool

velva ride motor mountA few weeks ago, I had a new front motor mount installed on my Electra Glide Ultra Classic. It was the typical problem that plagued the original mount, the rubber cracked and broke.

But the new motor mount is not without its problems. In 2006, Harley introduced a new motor mount for use with all touring bikes. It uses a new design, and a harder rubber. They simply don't make the old mount anymore. The harder rubber makes the bike shake a lot.

The shop I had taken my bike to, is an indie shop, one that I had been taking it to for quite some time, and one popular with most riders in my local area. They said this was the first time they installed Harley's new motor mount. They warned me to expect a lot of vibration.

They said the harder rubber transfers more vibration to the frame, but that Harley themselves advised the vibration would soften up after 500-800 miles. The shop told me to give the 500-800 miles, and if it didn't ease up, to bring it back in.

The vibration was a real bitch. It was ok in idle. But as soon as I put it in gear, the think shook like a mobile home with a freight train running past the front yard. It shook so much, the upper and lower fairing was making rattling noises I hadn't heard. It shook so much the numbers on my speedometer were too blurry to see. It shook so much the CD player on the stereo kept skipping.

I felt certain that the shop must have installed it incorrectly, considering they said it was the first time they installed Harley's new motor mount. I did some researching on various Harley forums, and found that many people had the same complaints, and expressed a lot of frustration because they could come up with no solutions.

If this is the new motor mount, is that to say that all new Harley touring bikes shake this bad?

Some people said they had installed the motor mount upside down by accident, because the new design looks rather different from the old design. By turning it right side up, the vibrations went away. I perhaps jumped to conclusions, thinking the shop had made the same mistake. But I waited until after I got over 800 miles on the new mount before taking back in.

So I took it back in, and mentioned that many people reported the same excessive vibration after installing it upside down. The guy at the shop said he had actually installed it both ways, just to see which was better. I guess he thought of everything. He had actually consulted with Harley-Davidson to get some suggestions on smoothing out the vibrations, but couldn't get anything.

I asked if all new Harley touring bikes are now shaking as bad as mine. He said that no, because Harley introduced a redesigned frame in 2007, and again with 2009. I had felt humbled after hearing him.

He mentioned an aftermarket mount made by a company called Velva-Ride. It's shaped similarly to the old style mount, but made withe urethane instead of rubber. But it was more costly. I said to go ahead and get it, and put her on there. A few days later, I had my bike back.

And man, it was so much better! I think it's even smoother than with the old mount.

As it turned out, the shop didn't even charge me for the Velva Ride mount, they apologized for putting me through the ordeal with all the shaking, and I guess now they've found a solution to the new motor mount.

My Ultra Classic Electra Glide is a 2005 model. If you have a Harley touring bike, model year up to 2006, you're going to find the old motor mount will eventually break. Then, you'll have to get the new motor mount, which will shake your bike like the shits. Just get yourself the Velva Ride motor mount. You don't need the Velva Ride stabilizers, just the mount.



  1. Hmmm...I was just thinking about that mount the last time I cleaned my bike. I do my own service and and I was checking the mount out. I am wondering how long mine will last.

    Thanks for the post

  2. cant read your web site your font is to dark.

  3. OK so I had a moment and spent $240 with quite a bit of age old skepticism for the front velva ride motor mount and two space age looking engine isolation Velva Ride Engine Stabilizer 's but after upping the HP of the stock 1450 to 1550 with a 911 cam and a K&M Air filter the ride of my Harley was on the up side of being way to vibrating for long ride comfort and as far as having a passenger seat my wife thought that I gave up having companionship for horse power so in desperation and not having my wife handing me a cool bottle of water now and then from the back seat I bought and installed the above mentioned acquirement so Having rode the miles and having the full endorsement of my passenger I would not hesitate to recommend this product and f you buy one hey wont send me $$$$ they don' know me from any other bike rider good luck ad happy and safe riding!

  4. Concerning vibration in the HD touring models.
    I have owned an 2000 Road King, 02 RK, 05 Screamin Eagle/CV0 Ultra, and an 08 RK, the 08 is the worst vibrating of them all by far. Both the 00 and the 02 were hopped up 95", cams and every thing. On the 08 I have installed the Glide Pro front mount and the swing arm shaft, and the latest bushing upgrade. This has helped both handling and the vibration. I still have room for improvement. If anyone has installed the Velva Ride stabilizer links please give me a report.

  5. I'm struggling to find out if the Velva Ride motor mount is really worth the extra money over what Harley is selling. Harley no longer makes a front motor mount made in the USA and the last one I installed (Made in China) failed in less miles than the OEM mount which failed within two years...23,000 miles. Has anyone rode the Velva Mount over 30,000 miles to see if it really holds up? The Harley dealers claim the failure rate is equally as bad as the ones Harley manufactures!

    Leave it to Harley to sell you crap and admit to it.

  6. I have just recently bought my first harley. It is a 96 ultra classic electra glide. My wife complains of excessive vibration in her back and right foot. Someone told me my front motor mount was bad and the vibrations were transferring to the rear motor mounts right under her feet causing it to vibrate more than normal. Was also told this could be why she is getting so much vibration thru her back also. Someone told me to order velva ride front motor mount and this should fix her problem. Any one know if this will really help??

  7. Ok. I'm thinking about joining a bike club that my old man is a part of, what will be a good name for me. They call him Supa Star. I'm very loyal and supportive and has been his A1 since day 1. I'm one of his biggest fans. I'm a beautiful woman with a million dollar smile that loves her family. Help me out with a nickname!

  8. I own a 2002 H-D Ultra Classic Electra Glide EFI-FLHTCUI and began to hear a whistling noise when I rode. The local H-D Service Dept. and a private H-D Service business both confirmed I needed to replace the front motor mount, which was causing the noise. Sharing your experiences with the front motor mounts helped me make my decision to buy and install the "Velva-Ride Front Motor Mount." Thank you, Ron


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