Friday, October 10, 2008

Motorcycling In These Hard Times

I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen with Motorcycling as this economy continues to worsen. On one end, people are spending less money on luxuries, but on the other end, motorcycles and scooters are still very inexpensive to operate.

So maybe while people won't be buying up new motorcycles, or new chrome, they'll still find riding a motorcycle very economical.

One of my good friends and I were chatting last night at Happy Hour and commented how the bar was so sparse with customers. "At this time, there would be a line to get into this place", he said. But instead, there were plenty of seats and tables open.

That seems to be on par with a lot of establishments around here. I've noticed that The Hideout, Hells Kitchen, and Cook's Corner, all well known biker bars around here, have low turn outs lately.

I don't know if it's that people are not riding their motorcycles, or if people are only riding them when necessary, like commuting to work, or running errands.

As for my friend, he's trying to supplement his income with another job. He hasn't found one, but is looking. There are just no jobs around here. He knows that I publish websites and blogs for a living, and asked me to help him launch one. I agreed, but he said he'd like to write about his travels by motorcycle, the roads he rides, the bars and restaurants he goes to. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, there's hundreds of those blogs out there already".

But I suppose there's room for another one.

Both he and I have managed to pare our lifestyles down, making them more simple. For myself, I work, and then I ride. I've dumped the other hobbies and committments that took up more of my money. My friend has grandkids however. He has to buy them birthday gifts, and take them out to places. Of course, being a grandpa will take precedence over riding a motorcycle, so it might be that this economy will have him riding less. And if he gets himself another job, he'll have even less time to ride.

As a side note, I finally posted a new article on my motorcycle blogging site. I have to admit that I've found myself rather uninspired to keep it up to date. But I am feeling the pinch of this economy, and maybe, just maybe, there's more bikers out there thinking of starting a blog.


  1. I have seen alot of "custom" bikes for sale, ones that are not very good as a daily commuter. have also seen a lot more old bikes being repaired and ridden again.

  2. I have to be honest and say even though I'm not happy about the economy being in the toilet, it is nice to be able to go out to eat now without being caught up in a mob scene. For a long time, you just couldn't go out and have a pleasant time around here on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, unless waiting 3 deep at the bar and over an hour for a table at a restaurant is something you enjoy.

    As far as riding goes, it won't be the economy that makes me ride any less, it'll be the snow.

  3. Good Times and Bad Times - Riding gives me a high! I don't think to me it will make a difference. I feel fortunate to own bikes - but I don’t consider them a luxury. They are a necessity for my sanity.

  4. Around here I see more and more folks buying bikes and other toys to distract themselves from real life.

  5. bikes might seem to be more economical at first glace but the maintenance costs can be much higher than on a car for many bikes. Tires are generally more expansive and need to be replaced MUCH more often, Chains and sprockets likewise need to be replaced fairly often and can be quite expensive. Not to mention that many bike engines also need more frequent tune-ups. That said, I still enjoy riding my bike and enjoy its good gas mileage and lowe insurance costs compared to a car... but in the end I am not so sure I am really saving any money.

  6. I can only wish that bikes were economical. Don't get me wrong, I'm adicted to my bike but it pisses me off that a decent bike can't get decent milage with cars starting to routinely achieve 30 mpg plus.
    And the jacked up prices for accessories and maintenance tuen this ibto an elete hobby. I see HD laying off folks but never taking responsibility for not creating more efficiant bikes.
    HD and all the US motor companies whining ater sucking gas with their big products and letting Honda and Yamaha run away with the market.


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