Thursday, April 3, 2014

Riding Topless On a Motorcycle

2006 honda st1300
This afternoon, 4th Street & Thorn, San Diego
She always did look sexy when going topless! I took one look at her this afternoon and thought, "on a beautiful day like today, maybe you ought to take that thing off?"

It's been a year since I put the topbox (topcase, trunk, TourPak, et al) on Blackbird, and finally the thought occurred to me that I really didn't need it on there now we're back in our hometown.

So I took it off.

Oh sure, it's more convenient to have it on when going to the grocery store or when Sash needs a place to store all her stuff. But then again, before we did Road Pickle, I rarely had the toxbox on there. In fact, for a while, Sash didn't want me to put it on, preferring to ride bitch without anything to support her back.

I've forgotten how much more fun it is to ride the ST without the extra weight and top-heaviness. I've forgotten how much more sporty she looks.

In other news, our website design business, Too Much Tina, has several potential clients that came to us all at once over the past few days, so it looks like we're going to get really busy around here.

Sash is really excited to attend the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit in May, which takes place in Denver.  She's actually had unknown female riders reach out to her asking if they could ride along.  I'm looking forward to just riding to Denver.

I could never understand why women who ride motorcycles need empowerment.  Isn't that an oxymoron?

We also have business clients in the Denver area, as well as family and friends, so it'll be a busy time.

Sash is pretty busy these days.  She attends business networking groups, meets with potential clients and existing clients, and does presentations.  Last week she presented a workshop entitled, "12 Marketing Mistakes You're Making", where she taught a room full of business owners how certain forms of marketing get overlooked and under utilized.

When I first met Sash, she was just a mom whose daughter had just left the nest and was now stuck with an abusive husband.  After a divorce, a new career, and a motorcycle ride across the country, she's made a name for herself, creating this identity as a high-energy, pink-haired, biker-chick, that everyone seems to want to meet.

I'm actually really proud of her.


  1. I've found that riding my RT without the top case is my preferred way too, especially in the OK winds. It's nice to have the space on longer trips but it looks better and rides better without it.

  2. Riding naked. No more junk in your trunk.......

    Kudos to Sash for the awesome confident women she has become. You two are good for each other.

  3. She looks really good without the top box. I was in looking at and sitting on the top-boxless CTX13000 today. It looks a hell of a lot better in person than in pictures. They told me a top box will be available but I don't think I'd want it. The lines are so much nicer with just the panniers. Same thing with your ST, I think. It really looks good. Amazing how one little thing can make such a difference.

    1. I haven't seen the CTX1300 in person yet, but looking at the photos they really need a lower panel to cover the engine. That 1300cc V4 doesn't really look all that pretty.

    2. That's true. Stuff does just sort of hang out from the bottom looking pretty unprotected.

  4. C'mon, Steve. You suckered us into opening this blog article!


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