Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monkey Butt Radio, Day 2

monkey butt radio
Day 2 of our 3-week motorcycle road trip to Denver had us spending a full day in Phoenix by going on air live with the crew at Monkey Butt Radio.

Monkey Butt Radio is three guys, all of whom named Mike, who talk about motorcycles.

The day actually started with Sash and I working out of our hotel room getting our normal work done. I had some website development to continue with, and Sash had some marketing stuff to work on.

But the day was really about getting on Monkey Butt Nation.

I had to loosen myself up by getting a beer at Skeptical Chymist, an Irish Pub with a decent selection of craft beer. I say that because in the United States, Irish Pubs are purveyors of your typical garbage-variety brews. We threw some buffalo wings and chicken tenders into our stomachs, and then finally showed up at the Monkey Butt Studios.

The radio show crew was there with boxes of pizza and six-packs of Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale waiting for us.

More important than Sash and I, they had another guest, Aaron Cutrano, who's organizing the AZ Troop Run, a benefit run for the children of fallen soldiers, which is taking place in the Phoeniz area this Saturday, April 26.

"I've been on a lot of radio shows", Cutrano said to us after the show. "But this was by far the most entertaining show I've been on."

Monkey Butt Radio really takes on the soul and spirit three guys, each of whom are veterans, who just talk bikes, throw down beers, and what one of the Mikes says, "We care take of our own", meaning they support local causes and promote their guests and sponsors. They do have a staff that keeps everything running, and they know ahead of time what they're going to be talking about, but overall it's really just guys hanging out and having fun.

They're also looking for sponsors. With 4,500 listeners who tune in live or catch it on YouTube each week, they're interested in mentioning your name on the broadcast. Get in touch with them at

skeptical chymist
Having a beer at Skeptical Chymist in Scottsdale, before the show
monkey butt radio
Me & Sash on the right, and the Monkey Butt Radio crew, minus Big Mike, who had to leave right away.
cutrano az troop run
Aaron Cutrano display his bike run t-shirt. Learn about it at


  1. I kept checking back and found it live(?) at 6:00PM. It was entertaining.

  2. Nice that they supplied you with Kilt Lifter. A favorite in these parts.

  3. Steve, sounds like you guys are having fun on your mini-road pickle. Being on a radio show is pretty cool. I'll have to find it on youtube..,so, did Tina break any FCC rules?


    1. Curt,
      Apparently they don't adhere to FCC rules on Internet radio. Yes, I broke them all!


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