Friday, April 3, 2009

Raincoat For Windshields

Has anyone tried this stuff called, "Raincoat"?

Looks like we're going to get rain and snow on this motorcycle camping trip to Utah. So I decided to apply this to the windshield of my Ultra Classic, hoping it'll make the water drops roll off.

This stuff looks and feels like Turtle Wax. You rub it all over the windshield, let it dry, and then buff it off.

It cost me $0.99 per packet at my local CycleGear.

The company that makes this stuff, MotoSolutions, says it's safe for Lexan, plexiglass, polycarbonate, etc.

We'll see how well it works.


  1. Looks like a similar product to Rain-X. I've never tried it on my bike, but have used it on the cage. It does work well, eliminating the need to use the wipers in light rain. I never really thought of putting it on the bike's windshield, but it seems like it'd be a big help, since we have no wipers at all. I hope you follow up with a review. I also hope you don't do too badly in the weather on your trip.

    Have a good time & ride safe.

  2. I always treat my helmet shield and windshield with Rain-X before a trip but I don't notice much of an improvement.

  3. Rain-x isn't for plastics, only for glass. Thats why you don't notice any improvement; I tried as well. This Raincoat is made just for plastics. I'm going to order some and see how it works too.

  4. Exactly! RainX works on glass and not on plastic. Raincoat works on plastic and will not work on glass.

    Full disclosure: I make Raincoat and Fogtech

  5. So did it work on your trip?

  6. I would just like to ask you that had this raincoat worked for you during your trip??
    if it works would try it ...


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