Friday, August 7, 2009

Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip

At some point in every biker's life he or she has to do a coast-to-coast motorcycle trip. Unfortunately, my moment has not yet come.

But my friend Brian is currently underway.

He's on Day 4 of a ride that takes him from Southern California to Bangor, Maine, and back again.

Before he left, he wanted some way to document his travel online. He has an iPhone, so I showed him how he could maintain a blog with just his iPhone.

I set up a blog for him at:

I configured the blog so that he could compose his blog entries as an e-mail and then send the e-mail directly to his blog, where it's automatically posted. He can also take photos on his iPhone, and e-mail them to this blog.

You'll notice a lot of misspellings because after all, he poking out letters on a little iPhone.

So as I write this article, he's somewhere between New Mexico and Kansas, probably slurping down a beer and a can of soup, and reading a book most likely.

He's not staying in a room, he doesn't believe in rooms. He's sleeping in his sleeping bag under the stars, either at a campground, or by the side of the road. I'm sure he brought a tent, but Brian just doesn't use tents unless it's raining, or if there's a bear pissing on him.

Brian likes to write about his motorcycle adventures, so even when he comes back from his trip, he'll more than likely keep writing.

Makes me wonder, if Evel Knieval had an iPhone, what would he have tweeted while rocketing over the Snake River Canyon?

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  1. I just got back from a cross country bike trip of my own and I used the exact same tools as your friend. iPhone + Blogger.
    The iPhone is the vest travel utility in the world.

    For my DC to Seattle to DC trip I made a single page that aggregated all my various feeds. Pictures from flickr, videos from you tube, blog entries on blogger, etc. I even had my gps position updating in real time to a google map. All this from the iPhone.
    The page is if you want to check it out.


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