Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Itching to Ride Away

Reading my buddy's updates on his coast-to-coast motorcycle ride has made me wish I doing the same.

A couple nights ago I laid in bed looking up at the ceiling feeling as if I needed to jump on my Electra Glide and ride away.

I had conceived this plan to ride north up to Seattle, taking about two weeks round trip. I had wanted to take the coast up, all the way to the Olympic National Forest in Washington's peninsula, and then take the ferry across Puget Sound, and spend a few days at my Dad's house, for a BBQ and some beers.

I had done that route before, though not all the way into Olympic National Forest, instead stopping at Aberdeen, WA, and headed inland to Seattle. Along the way I spotted cool looking diners and bars that I would have loved to stop at, but already had a full belly. But this time around I'd hit those up.

I wasn't sure what route I'd take back home, but I'd definitely look for some roads I hadn't ridden before.

In fact, I even decided that I would set up a new blog just to document all the eateries I'd stop at. I call it something like "Ride to Eat", or some other related title.

But alas, I'd realized I just can't spend the money travelling like that.

And then just yesterday I realized I had a voice mail from another friend of mine who took off last week for a few days ride up the California Coast and back. He had invited me along, but I failed to respond. In back of my mind, I kept telling myself that my wife and I still had some debts we just have to get under control.

Just jumping on the bike and riding for several days, eating at whatever diner or dive looks cool, and sleeping in whatever town I end up at, always has this romanticism to it. It's why I have a touring bike.

But then the money keeps me tethered to my home.


  1. I'm with ya on that last line... :-( Hopefully things will be looking up soon.

  2. Steve I know what you mean you gotta bike and can't take that trip you've been wanting for sometime, it's been 2 years now or 2 seasons either way it's still along time for me not to get that long ride in to Florida from Chicago but the jerky business has been so busy I couldn't go anyway Thanks to your beef jerky site LOL!! I guess there will be another time hopfully soon before we know it here in Chicago winter is knocking at our door!

    Ed's RoadHousE Jerky


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