Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Biker Snobs

nine mile canyon road, californiaI found the following quote from a local motorcycle rider, posted on a motorcycle forum...

"I love the fact that you said in this group you don't have to prove anything to anyone, just relax, enjoy yourself and have a good time. Too many groups i have tried to ride with are so INTO THE HARLEY THING and the riding FAST THING, that is you arn't IN THE SWING thier rythm, then they kind of look down thier nose to you. And i have always driven something other than a Harley, all my life and ridden all kinds of motorcyles, dirt, race, and cruisers since i was 10 years old, love them all!"
The underline is mine.

I certainly have met folks that seem to look down their nose at you, but not many. It's mostly a case of something getting lost in the translation.

I tell people that we all have an internal speed, and that the speed at which we like to ride matches that internal speed. I've tried to ride slower, but it actually feels uncomfortable. And I've tried to ride faster, and that too feels uncomfortable.

I've never looked down on anyone for whatever speed they like to ride, but yet I find it frustrating to hear that someone thinks I'm a snob, just because I refuse to slow down for them.

And then to suggest that people who ride fast, or ride a Harley, are trying to prove something.

There's no reason why I should ride faster for someone, or slower for someone. And I don't expect anyone to do so for me.

And isn't it ironic that bikers always use words like "freedom" and "independence" when describing their love for riding, but yet seemingly get angry when other riders won't slow down to their speed?

Who is exactly the snob here? The rider who does whatever he feels like doing, or the rider who wants other riders to slow down for them?


  1. This is why I don't like big group rides, and why I have declined M/C membership. If you invite someone to ride with you and they are not up to your skill level or riding style then you slow down for them...just common courtesy and keeps you from having to sit around and wait for the ambulance and the tow truck...been there.

    Snobs? I have had all sorts of bikes. I love HD bikes...but that doesn't mean I am going to cap on other bikes. The funny thing about the worst HD snobs is usually it's a new rider with more dough than brains and the Harley is their first bike. I don't have time for 'em. You have to be carefull about mistaking passion for a brand of bike vs. just being a straight up asshole. We all are snobs in one way or another. I gave up on trying to figure it all out. I have solved the problem by not riding with just anybody and keeping my ass out of the clubs. That fixed it right good!

  2. Good questions. Maybe they need to meet in the middle.

    Ride on,


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