Saturday, September 12, 2009

Proper Motorcycle Seating Posture

I continue to struggle with poor seating posture on my Electra Glide.

I tend to slouch in my seat, and during longer rides that makes my upper back sore.

I also notice my butt aching, primarily my tail bone. I mentioned this before, a little more than a year ago. Back then I had lost 35 pounds. Since then I've lost another 20 pounds. I'm constantly shifting around on that seat.

It's mostly just bad posture. As I ride around now, I try to remind myself to sit up straight. It seems to take the pressure off the tail bone, and makes my back feel better.

The problem is that the way the Electra Glide is designed, and I imagine the stock seat as well. It just invites me to slouch. My Yamaha Road Star is different. The way everything is laid out, the handlebars, the floorboards, the seating, it tends to keep me more straight up.

So, I'm about to head out for another day of riding now. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. Ok...I have the same problem. I have found no silver bullet solution. You train your body to adjust to the situation. I just do both. Smooth road I sit up. Crappy road I slouch. I also put more pressure on the floorboards with my feet to help.

    I found if I sit upright with 'correct' posture that my spine is jarred when I hit bumps and crap like that. Slouching actually helps my back absorb some of the shock because there is some 'give' and flex. Think about a rubber hose. If the hose is straight, you can put alot of pressure on it and it won't give much. Put a slight curvature on it and it will bend and flex easier. Probably a bad example but it's all I could come up with. I actually think the slouching helps me from damaging my spine. I have no proof just my observations. I have been doing it for over 25 years and I have no back issues.

    You know what might help? A higher seat and move the bars just slightly forward. Take a picture of yourself on the bike from the side. Then put a 1 or 2 inch softcover book on the seat and take another one. See if it changes your seating position naturally.

    whoa...i'll shut up now.

  2. Thanks for the info.On a standard riding position should one have a straight back with straight arms or slightly forward lean with bent arms.


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