Saturday, October 24, 2009

Patience in Buying a Motorcycle

All this year I've been blogging and talking about wanting to buy another motorcycle, and yet still haven't done so.

I have my eye on a Yamaha FZ6, or some other similarly equipped and styled standard that I can throw around in the twisties.

Another guy in our riding club wants something sportier as well, and he's had his eye on the Triumph Speed Triple.

So we've been talking together about it a lot, just like little boys talking about getting a Wii versus an Xbox, and then standing in a Wal-Mart and spending all afternoon playing the demo models.

But its always about money.

For me, I'm in a better financial position now. My wife and I managed to get some debts paid off, and I managed to improve my business income this year. So I'm feeling the urge even more.

However, I look on the horizon and see things coming up that I need to prepare for. Next March is our 20th wedding anniversary, and we've been talking about going to Hawaii. And with my business income being improved, income taxes are going to be increased, and I know Obama is going to hit me pretty hard.

We also have a home equity loan we took out several years ago to make some improvements on our property. I would really like to get that paid off, now that we're better position to do so.

So in reality, it's looking like a new motorcycle is a still distant dream.

And the funny thing about the future is that you never know what's around the corner. I think that it won't be until next June that I'll be able to buy that FZ6, but I know that something unforseen will come up to set me back even further.


  1. I am also looking for some good advice on how to have patience in buying a motorcycle. But yeah money is all that matters - the budget.

  2. Ah! You already gave the best advice possible, which is patience. I always wait for the "mental honeymoon" to wear off. I wait until I'm over the "crush". Only then will I go for it because my head is straight.

  3. Obama is going to hit you hard on taxes?
    Income taxes have never been lower. Never.
    Let me guess - get your news from Fox? That's what I thought.

  4. Uhhhh.... "Taxes have never been lower"... as compared to what? ... Just because they HIDE the taxes... by taxing corporations... which is stupid... because those taxes just get PASSED ON to the final consumer... YOU!... in a manner that you don't SEE them coming out of your paycheck... Don't expect me to buy into that "Never been lower"... STUFF... Your TRUE TAX LOAD is in excess of 50% of every dollar you make... and I don't listen to fox or any other "Talking Head"... just like I don't Listen to ANY of the lying PROSTITUTES that inhabit Washington and politics in general... Democrats are the Blond Hookers... The Republicans are the Brunettes... and those Redheads?... Those are the Independents... They're all still Whores... and they're ALL still OWNED by the same PIMP... So... Good Luck with your Fantasies that Obama or Any Other Political Whore is gonna save you... Me? I'm just gonna ride and do my best to just stay out of their cannabalistic way!


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