Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Biker Saved from Farmville

Maybe I ought to start my own rehabilitation group and call it, "Bikers Recovering from Farmville".

Another fellow biker in SoCal writes today on his Facebook account...

well farmville friends, i'm done. i've dumped so much real cash into this game and it's about every two weeks now they're coming out with something new that i "gotta have", and i'm droppin' like $20 or $40 religiously every couple of weeks.

I'd cut out if rides early so I could make home in time to harvest, plow, and plant. Sick, I know.

He goes on to say that he's dumping his farm, and regaining his former riding self.

Last month I posted an article entitled, "Farmville Bikers - A New Trend", and wondered if tending crops that don't really exist was having an effect on one's motorcycle riding.

Any other riders wanna make a pledge to dump Farmville?


  1. I pledge never to start! I never did understand any of the games on Facebook. I had no idea they could cost you actual money.

  2. Great post about what is for some a legitimate issue.

    I hate to admit it, but I got sucked in by Mafia Wars. I figured it's the middle of the winter, I can't ride and I'm bored out of my skin, and it's why not? Well, I was surprised how easily I got sucked into it. I haven't posted a thing on my blog for over a month...a first in the 2+ years I've been writing it. Then I noticed where they get you is allowing you to "buy" things that you may not want to wait for. More energy, more game money, more stamina, blah, blah, blah.

    That's when I said "There's NO WAY I'm starting Farmville." Many of my FB friends who do Mafia also Farm. I figure one of these type of games is more than enough. What it boils down to is some people just enjoy these type of games, where others could care less.

    BUT...cut out of rides early to play? Absolutely NOT! No way! That's just going too far. I'm leaving for Daytona this weekend, and the "Mafia" is going to have to get by somehow without me for 10 days. When Spring comes and I start riding again here, the Mafia will again be short one Capo.

    I like computers, and I like some of the games, but I LOVE riding. It'll be a cold day in hell I ever rush to get out of the saddle to play on the computer. There's really only one way to coax me off the Harley before I'm really ready to put her away...and only my g/f Susan knows what it is.

    Screw Farmville!

  3. Great post and topic! I confess I used to play Farmville (and Farm Town), but only for a brief period. I realized quickly how addictive they can be, so I just stopped. It's bad enough the amount of time they can waste; I can't imagine people actually spending money to play these games. I agree with Joker ... no way would I let these online games cut into riding time (and Joker - I'm waiting on some new posts - pretty soon I'll be done reading your archived posts!).


  4. What the fuck is farmville? Unless they have some super sexy farm animals prancing around...I don't want nothing to do with it.

    Support group? I have seen folks make a dime on stranger stuff. I would go for it.

  5. Never heard of “Farmville”. That’s a lot of money to waste on a internet game. That’s a lot of gas for a lot of miles.

  6. Even sitting sround for days on end with nothing to do while schools are closed as feet of snow pile up around me, I NEVER entertained the notion of playing Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. Holy crap, what is wrong with you people? Especially those who aren't fighting with weather & road conditions...get out there and ride!!!


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