Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farmville Bikers - A New Trend

farmvilleEveryone seems to be on Facebook these days. And eventually, you'll learn about Farmville.

The farm simulation game seems to be quite addicting. I have a lot of "Facebook friends" who ride motorcycles, and it seems several spend a lot time playing Farmville.

I had a Farmville farm going a while back, and then deleted it from my Facebook account. I'm an internet marketer by profession, and am always curious to learn how other internet companies are making money and drawing audiences. And now I know how addicting (and ridiculous) it can be.

I read comments from other Farmville players how they set their alarm clocks to wake up every four hours to harvest crops and maximize experience points, how they spent money via credit card to buy neon-pink barns to decorate their virtual farms.

Just curious, has Farmville had a positive/negative impact on your group/club?

Are your group/club members also Farmville neighbors?


  1. Live to Farm, Farm to Live???
    Though perhaps more historically accurate in the real world, it just doesn't have the same ring to it if you ask me. I do communicate on Facebook and have seen a fluff story highlighting Fertilizerville on the local tv news. I've not joined (with no desire to do so) and haven't heard any mention of it among my biker or non-biker friends. I'm glad you were able to kick the habit before you started biking in overalls and a straw hat.

  2. More problems with people getting into petty arguments and saying dumb things on Facebook than issues with Farmville or Mafia Wars.


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