Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting My Money's Worth

So today I hooked up with some friends to go motorcycle riding. We rode some of the most challenging twisties in Southern California. I scraped the heck out of my floorboards on my Yamaha.

We ate a big lunch at a restaurant that had been featured on the show "Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins.

Then we rode more twisties back home, and stopped at our favorite watering hole to drink some of the world's best microbrews. There, we laughed, we joked, and told each other lies.

And now I'm composing this blog post on my BlackBerry in a steakhouse with my wife over a rib eye steak.

I feel as if I have spent the whole the day and gotten my money's worth. I'm tired right now. That means there's not much left. And if there's not much left then I've given it all I've got.

And so if you can say that you spent the afternoon in the company of riding friends, riding the most challenging roads in the area, and having the most fun doing it, under the sunshine of the best riding environment in the USA, enjoying the best food and drink, and hanging with these buddies like you did in college, and finishing the evening with someone you love, then my friends, you must live in Southern California!


  1. You could also say; "There's a fella in Colorado who's real jealous!"

    You might want to tuck the memory of this day somewhere you can remember easy... then, on down the road, whenever the 'crap' is hittin' the fan and life seems to just suck... You can pull it out, roll it around in your mind...

    ... and put things back into proper perspective! :-)

  2. Yup, I agree. That's a good day. Glad you had a great day Steve.

  3. Hey Brian (Gypsy), I've ridden the Rockies, and I love the riding there. I wish I could be there to ride them more often.

  4. That is what it's about. Nuff' said.

  5. you're lucky you can ride, weather permitting. damn you!!! :O)

  6. Along with a handfull of friends, we packed our bags and headed from the UK to California last May, rented bikes and had a great time rding the coast, SF, LA, Yosemite, Tahoe for two weeks. Your post reminded me of what a fantstic place California is to ride.

    We have snow here at present.

    Roll on Spring!



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