Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alaska Trip, Day 2

Today we rode north as far as Bellingham, WA. Did about 650 miles, all up the I-5. We're only about 25 miles from the Canadian border.

Tomorrow the pace slows down as we enter Canada and put more focus on enjoying the ride. Mike and I sat in a restaurant this evening pouring over maps to get an idea of what our time line is going to be.

I don't have a photo to show you for today because I didn't take any. It rained on us for much of the way and so I just kept my camera safe behind a zipped jacket pocket.

I brought my pair of Frog Togs, which are rain gear. But I'm not sure I needed them, at least not today. First, my Tourmaster Coaster II leather jacket kept me pretty dry. Second the fairing on the Honda ST1300 provides excellent leg protection. I actually did put on the Frog Togs pants, but I don't think any rain hit them.

In comparison to the Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic I rode previously, the Ultra provided poor rain protection, even with its lower fairing.

However, the Frog Togs pants does help retain more body heat.

It was also a lot of chilly riding, seeing temperatures varying from 50 to 61 degrees F. I brought my Gerbings electric heated gloves and jacket liner, and was happy as a hound dog by a fireplace.

I also took AZHarleyDude's advice and bought a couple of those bug repellent wrist bands. We stopped at an REI store in Portland, as Mike wanted to find some waterproof gloves, and so I took the opportunity to look for those bug bands.

Tonight we are staying at a motel, by the way. The Villa Inn. It's about as low-budget as it gets for Bellingham.


  1. The sights and adventures are about to start in Canada. I came home on the Cassier Highway and there are some spectacular views in front of you.

    Bug Bam worked great for me and I have a supply for this summers ride out east.

  2. Dear Steve, I am planning to travel from Toluca, Mexico to Alaska next June 2017 and I want to follow your route, I am reading the diary of your trip day by day with much interest, thanks for sharing your experiences, thanks for your excellent writing of your Experiences, I live in Miami, but now I'm working here in Mexico, greetings Jorge


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