Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Riding to Alaska

Tomorrow (Monday, June 14) I'm leaving for Alaska. I plan to take 30 days, or thereabouts.

I'm leaving Southern California and heading up through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and into Alaska. Final destination for me will be Fairbanks, or possibly Coldfoot.

I'm going with a couple of other riders, both of whom are riding Goldwings. I'll be on the Honda ST.

Those guys are taking about going all the way up the haul road to Deadhorse. But that's about 250 miles of dirt road, and it didn't sound very fun, riding at a slower speed, battling the mosquitoes, the rain and mud, just to say that you went to Deadhorse. And then of course, riding 250 miles back.

So, if they plan to do that, I'll plan to head south to Anchorage and hang out for a few days and then ride out somewhere else to meet back up with them.

alaska highway
We're planning to camp most of the nights, but definitely hit up some hotels here and there.

I know we're going to ride the Stuart-Cassiar Highway (Hwy 37) through Canada. It's supposed to be really scenic stuff. We're also supposed to ride through the not-so-famous town of Chicken, Alaska.

My buddy Mike started his own blog just for this Alaska adventure, check it out here...

All in all, we're looking at 8,500 to 9,000 miles round trip. This'll be the longest ride I've ever done.

alaska highway bridge
Last year, when Mike told me he was in the planning stages for this ride, I felt very tempted to go. I've always wanted to do a really long ride, like a coast-to-coast and back kind of thing. And this is giving me that opportunity. Of course, I can always do these rides by myself, but when you can find friends willing to take a month off and ride with you, it's a rare opportunity.

I'll of course update you folks here as I can, where I can get Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage.


  1. You're in for a great ride, but take some extraa gas and don't miss a chance to gas up. This is from experience two years ago,,.

    You are going to have agreat ride!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, have a great trip! Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. Wow, what a stunning ride! I love the title of the posting - quite a headline! The opportunities to be able to do trips like this come along very rarely indeed. Enjoy it and tell us all about it!

  4. I'm leaving, Riding Solo, from Northern Colorado, bound for Homer, about a week or so, after you get back!

    Goin' up the 'eastern/northern route via Glacier/Jasper/Dawson Creek... planning on coming south by way of the Cassiar/ Vancouver and the Pacific Coast Hwy before I turn back east to cross the Desert for Home...

    It's gonna be a great summer for a lot of Riders! Hoo! Ya!

  5. Awesome. Looking forward to reading about it. I hope to do the Alaska trip in about 3 years. Be careful and watch for bear.

  6. Lucky you! May you have an awesome experience! Ride safe and God bless!

  7. Found your website Steve, looks like a fantastic trip so far, I've been following Mikes page, now I'll check yours out

  8. Interesting anecdote. I'm planning the run from San Diego to Anchorage and then on to New York as soon as the bike is finished checking out at my mechanic. Unfortunately(because of the trip, NOT the location!), I live in Honolulu and am held up by parts coming from the mainland before shipping the bike...your blog has been enormously helpful in preparing me for the task ahead. Thanks!

  9. Steve, I like your comparison between a wet tent and wet underwear, however, having never crawled into either I'll just take your word for it, but it still sounds like a great trip.


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