Monday, June 14, 2010

Alaska Trip Day 1

Left home at 5:00am. Met my friend Mike and we hit the Interstate trying to get out of the metropolitan area as quick as possible.

Did 704 miles today.

Right now we just set up camp at Lake Siskiyou, just outside the town of Mt. Shasta.

So now Mike and I are busy doing what all modern day campers do nowadays.

The ride up through the San Joaquin Valley was hot and boring. I noted the air temperature gauge on my Honda ST reading 100 degrees F as we entered Redding. We were able to keep ourselves amused by trying to ride as long as possible without hands.

As the I-5 ascended up the mountains past Lake Shasta, we were able to enjoy cooler temperatures and some decent riding.

Had burgers at the Burger Barn in Dunsmuir. There's a brewery and pub in Dunsmuir but they were closed when we rolled by.

Oh, the deer here are pretty brave, walking right into our camp maybe only 20 feet away from us. I figure they're used to getting fed by campers.


  1. For day 1, 704 miles is a lot of miles. I had to laugh – I am guessing all modern day campers use laptops and post the their blogs direct from the campsite!

  2. Yeah Gary, I'm expecting to see daily updates from you as well!


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