Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting One Step Closer to the Road Trip

Step One towards our 6-month motorcycle road trip is complete. We moved out of our apartment in San Diego and put our stuff into storage. We're technically homeless right now, though for the time being we are staying with Sash's relatives about an hour north in a suburban, though somewhat rural area called Menifee.

We still have some business to take care of before we can embark. We're still on target to leaving in mid-April.

Meanwhile, I spent the day today riding to Arizona for Drupal Camp Phoenix.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Next week, Sash is flying up to Seattle. Her marketing business landed a contract with a national dental charity to attract donations from big companies like Proctor & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive.  All throughout this year, including during our 6-month road trip, she'll have to attend dental conferences and trade shows.

It'll make for some interesting logistics.

That is, she'll need her formal wear and business clothes for the gigs, which we won't be packing on the road trip. So when she needs to fly out somewhere, she'll have to have someone retrieve her gowns and suits from storage and have them FedEx'd to the hotel she'll be staying at.  And when she leaves, she'll fly back to where I am, and her stuff FedEx'd back into storage.

Otherwise, I don't really have anything philosophical or deep to share; I'm too tired after all the slab I rode today.

It is nice to ride a motorcycle in Arizona.  Not having to wear a helmet reminds me of riding when I was still in my teens, before California passed the helmet law.


  1. Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to vaccuum pack the formal stuff and have it cleaned/pressed when needed?

  2. just sticking my nose into other folks affairs ;) Kinda like Chris said... how about, rather than having the business outfits in "storage" that somebody has to go hunt through and retrieve... maybe have the stuff packed and ready to go, and held by someone you trust and someone you could do a 'trade' with for shipping the things? Then just flip it back and forth? a minor simplification. you help them somehow, and they help you?

  3. Steve:

    I've been thinking about the clothing logistics all day and I've come up with "Nothing" . How about a clothing rental place, after all they rent Wedding Dresses and suits ? May be cheaper than sending a suitcase all around the country, either that or one more dry bag to strap to your seat

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. You are all so sweet to think this over for me!! So here's how it goes.

    I have an assistant who helps me with clerical work in Menifee. The non-profit I am doing work for is based in Menifee and the dentist who heads up the non-profit will always be traveling to the same places I am traveling to for work. My assistant will have my bag packed (she's hanging my clothes in her extra closet) and she will then deliver my bag to the dentist the day before each conference. The dentist will bring my bag with her on the plane and my bag will meet me at my final destination. Total cost: $35 extra bag fee. I'll be giving my assistant money for her time to pick up, dryclean, repack and deliver my bag. She wants 2 hours of pay each time.

    This way I don't have to drag it around and everything arrives beautifully pressed, packed professionally with all of my accessories and dainties, just the way I like them. :P

    I just LOVE that you all spent time helping us solve this. When we have other dilemmas, I'll know where to turn for answers!!!

    Sweet Rides,



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