Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Crazy Nights in Salida, CO

US-285 Colorado motorcycles
Sash and I riding south along US-285 towards Salida, CO.
When Sash and I left our comfy digs in Longmont, CO, we shed a few tears knowing we weren't going to see the friendly faces that surrounded us there.

But after a lunch stop in Golden, our buddy Jason ON rode his Suzuki SV1000 to meet us and ride with us part of the way to our next stop, Salida.

Salida didn't sound like much of a place, actually. It was just a half-way point towards our destination in Pagosa Springs. We had only intended to stay in Salida an extra day so that we could get caught up on some work.

The cold and partially rainy ride down US-285 South didn't do Sash all that well. While the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity, we were eager to get to our hotel in Salida due to the late start we got. But Sash was getting cold and tired, and I knew I had to get her warm and fuzzy soon. By the time we got to Salida, it was already dark and raining.

Salida is actually a cool little town. Locals tell us it's become an arts colony of sorts, explaining that the community is undergoing a transition between the traditional farming and the blossoming new cultural. As it stands now, the two sides are struggling to get along.

You can ride your motorcycle downtown, along F Street, and see herds of deer walking across the street and grazing on lawns. They don't seem at all spooked. I suspect the locals are in adoration of them and perhaps offer salt licks to encourage more. I wonder if the town has a mountain lion problem.

The first night, we opted to get Chinese Food. The only Chinese joint in town, however, didn't deliver. Perhaps they don't have to, being the only Chinese joint in town. So I rode over there. It was rather expensive too, $35.00 for boxes of Broccoli Beef and Tofu Vegetable.

Our stay at Salida was hosted by the local Super 8 Motel. I tend to pick Super 8 and Days Inn for our one & two night stays because they're cheap, still better than Motel 6's, and I can collect rewards points. It seems like every 14 nights, I earn enough to get a free night. This particular Super 8, however, had really nice hot tubs, three of them. These were the above-ground, fiberglass kind with jets in your back, jets on your legs, and jets up your butt. It seems like half of the people staying at this Super 8 were on motorcycles.

The second day, Sash did some shopping downtown while I nursed some local brews at River's Edge Bar & Grill.

That night, back at the motel, Sash and I got into a pretty big fight. At one point, we believed our relationship had come to an end. But Time has a way of healing, and I don't think either of us really wanted it to end. By the next day, we had gotten back on the road, headed to Pagosa Springs, and realized how lucky we are to have each other. But by the same token, it takes a pretty dedicated woman to put up with my shit, and it takes a pretty patient man to put with hers. I think every now and then, we need a good fight just to realize this.

FYI: This update is rather late. We arrived in Salida on Sep 3, 2014 and left Sep 5.

Sash preparing to leave our
hotel in Longmont, CO
Jason ON and I riding along
US-285 South
Myself and Jason ON at a
viewpoint along US-285
Sash in my rear view mirrorSash and I riding south along
US-285 towards Fairplay, CO
Sash took this shot of her
windshield and the clouds
Sunset over US-285 heading
into Buena Vista, CO
Downtown Salida, COSalida, CO is known for its
growing arts community
My burger and beer at River's
Edge Bar & Grill, Salida, CO
Sash's boots at River's Edge
Bar & Grill
Leaving Super 8 Motel in


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