Friday, May 30, 2008

Santa Maria Overnight Ride

Tomorrow my buddy Brian and I are doing an overnight to Santa Maria and back, to enjoy some of the roads up and down that way.

We're coming from the Riverside area, which is about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. We'll take the freeway until we get past Los Angeles, and from there get on the back roads.

The good riding basically starts in Santa Paula. Then follow the route you see below, towards Santa Barbara, stop in at Cold Springs Tavern, and then up to Santa Maria.

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The next day head east on Highway 166 (this is where James Dean was killed), and out east to a tiny mountain road called, "Cerro Noroeste", which is what I think is one of the best riding in Southern California.

Take a stop in Pine Mountain Club for a break, and then continue down Lockwood Valley Rd, to Highway 33, another great road for riding.

Take another break at The Deer Lodge, and wind our back down into Santa Paula.

I've done this ride a couple of times before.

If you like to ride the mountains and canyons, give this route a serious look.

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  1. I am definitely going to check out those roads next time I pass through there. Thanks for the tip!


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