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2014 Sturgis, SD, Day 2, August 2

main street sturgis
Main Street Sturgis, SD
While the true spirit of a motorcycle rally is still here at the 2014 Black Hills Rally, it's like a tiny heartbeat smothered over with layers of pomp & circumstance.

I mean, in the middle of Main Street, Sturgis, Chevrolet has a huge spread with their 2015 model pickup trucks on display. I couldn't figure out what that was doing here, aside from taking advantage of the exposure.

But then again, there are probably just as many trailers and toy haulers here as there are motorcycles. I mean, who the Hell wants to ride all the way to Sturgis, when they can trailer their bikes instead? It's the reason why there are so many places selling patches and t-shirts saying, "I Rode Mine to Sturgis 2014".

The three of us, Sash, Stephanie, and myself hit Main Street Sturgis for a good look at the heart of the rally.

Stephanie, whom I mentioned in my last post, is riding a 250cc Vespa all across the country, trying to hit all 48 states in United States proper. She hails from Rhode Island, but that's only where she started. Like us, she dumped all of her belongings and her home, and kept only what she could carry on her scoot.

"I had this huge drink-my-booze-and-take-my-stuff party before I left!" she said, referring to a rather large collection of hard liquor she had once kept. "All I really want to do now is just ride."

Stephanie keeps a blog about her travels at: She earns just enough money from doing illustrations for children's books, and taking advantage of what fellow riders offer her. She's staying in our cabin during the Rally.

Otherwise, it's hard to figure out really, what the heart of the Black Hills Rally is. I mean, downtown Sturgis looks like a giant street fair, not so much a "rally". Campgrounds like The Legendary Buffalo Chip have a lot of things going on, from concerts, to a giant pond, and several bars, but I'm not sure that the Chip is what defines the entire Rally. Every town in the Black Hills has its own street fair and series of concerts as well.

When you consider that there are just as many attendees traveling by RV, car, and with toy haulers, is it still a motorcycle rally? When there are so many celebrities from movies, television, music, and fashion, it makes you wonder if this is a little Hollywood instead.

Breakfast at Side Hack Saloon
with Bloody Mary
This guy and his twin brother
terrorized Main Street.
Stephanie considers a spiked
bikini top
Some of the great food grilling
on Main Street
Sash ran into her friend Joan
Krenning on Main Street
Me at a biker gear shop along
Main Street
This tattoo artist at The Tattoo
attracted attention
Sash loved riding through
Sash with Tiny, a 7'4" bouncer
at The Legendary Buffalo Chip
This gal was carrying Sash's
business card around Sturgis
Sash with Mike Wolfe from
American Pickers
Sash attended the 2015 Indian
Chief unveiling


  1. Steve you hit it, it is all about commercialization, Hollywood, and making money. The place to be seen and pretend to be a biker. While there a lot of real motorcyclists there, there are also the bar hoppers who would never ride more than 50 miles in a day and then only if the sun was out, but not to hot. Still, it IS Sturgis and everyone owes it to themselves to attend at least once.

  2. You are a braver man than I. As much as people rave over the rally and flock to the area, I don't think you could pay me to be around that many people, not even once.

  3. 1 day on main street was about all I could stand, but the riding in that area was (and still is, I'm sure) outstanding! Still, as AZHD says, you have to go once just to see it and all the people whether posers, real bikers, or something in between.


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