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2014 Sturgis, SD, Day 6, August 6

motorcycles sturgis
Motorcycles along Lazelle Street, Sturgis, SD
Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if the person you're parting ways with is someone you really like. But once our five nights at Sturgis RV Park was over, Stephanie planned to resume her coast-to-coast trip west.

After her 250cc Vespa was loaded back up, we hugged and took the obligatory group photos. We promised to stay in touch and mentioned that our paths might cross again. Having had the chance to room with her at Sturgis, Sash and I feel that our lives are a little more enriched and that we've learned a little something about life and the mysteries of the Universe.

So now, Sash and I needed a place to stay for tonight. We looked around for rooms in Sturgis, but many were taken and of those still available, they wanted $400 to $500 a night. We finally found a Best Western in Deadwood for $250.00, one of the cheaper rooms still available. That worked out because after the pouring rain yesterday, Sash needed to get dry, and we both needed Wi-Fi to get our work done. On top of that, I had developed a bad cough and needed some sleep too.

But before making our way to Deadwood, Sash still had the new Indian Scout. She was due to take it back to Indian's storage facility by noon. I loaded myself up with meds and hung a camera around my neck. The two of us took off on some roads so that she could really give it a good test ride and get some good photos of her. I can't show you those photos here because they're intended for Women Riders Now, the publication we're doing the review for.

This afternoon we also got to spend more time with Jennifer. She's a friend of ours from Menifee, CA, the town where Sash and I met each other. Jennifer stands something like 5'11", has long legs, and holds a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She could mesmerize you with her good looks and then snap your head off with her legs. She's also last year's "Mrs. Menifee" beauty pageant winner.

Sash and I ended up at Easyriders Saloon that afternoon when a gal named, "Mayhem" walked up to us, and complimented Sash's hair and looks. They immediately hit it off like two peas in a pod. Both were loud, boisterous, larger than life, almost like they were trying outdo each other. Both boasted of handcuffing men, tying them up with rope, and spanking them. So, I stood up from my barstool and presented my ass to Mayhem. She spanked me so hard I took two steps forward and let out a yell. I put my arm around her and told Sash I was in love.

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Someone stole some of our audio and video equipment. When Sash and I got back to our bikes, we discovered one of our bags missing. It was a small, pink Betsey Johnson bag that had been in Sash's saddlebag, and it held the battery charger for our video camera, as well as our microphone and Sash's digital camera, and action camera. All went stolen. We still had the video camera and all of my camera equipment, however. We repurchased everything on Amazon and had it shipped overnight to our upcoming hotel in Spearfish. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to do any of our work.

By the end of the day, Sash and I wandered into Deadwood and checked into our room at the Best Western. I had hoped to get some website design work done, but the meds had me too tired to concentrate, and Sash was too shaken up after finding our equipment stolen.

"I used to think we were among brothers and sisters here at Sturgis", she said. "How foolish was I to think that they're any different."

A group photo of Stephanie and
us at Sturgis RV Park
Stephanie about to take off on
her Vespa
Jennifer on her Harley Davidson
Night Train
Josh Rogan performing at
Easyriders Saloon, Sturgis
Josh Rogan performing at
Easyriders Saloon, Sturgis
Sash and her new Dominatrix
friend, Mayhem
A cutie at Easyriders SaloonSash and Jennifer with singer
Mick Klein, Easyriders Saloon
Rockstar gave away free cans
of their drink

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  1. Just curious, did you run into any of those types who figure everyone who comes to Sturgis should ride a Harley? There certianly seems to be a diversity of bikes in the pics.


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