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Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party, Mitchell, SD, July 31

custom indian chief
Custom Indian Chief on display at Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party
Riding from Sioux Falls, SD to Mitchell, SD is only a 72 mile sprint along the I-90, hardly a sizeable chunk of real estate for a day's ride.

But the reason for staying overnight in Mitchell is to attend the 8th Annual Pre-Sturgis Party at Klock Werks Kustom Cycles. Under the headline, "Party Like a Corn Star", it's considered the biggest pre-Sturgis party, if you want to rub elbows with custom bike builders. Sash and I were stoked to be going.

Sash originally met Laura Klock at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit last May. Laura holds a world land speed motorcycling record. The two hit it off at the Sisterhood, and now Sash gets a chance to hook up with Laura at her crib in Mitchell.

It was also our first exposure to Chislic, which is apparently a unique South Dakota creation.  It's lamb or mutton kabobs, grilled and seasoned.  A local business "Kepp's Sheep Chislic" had set up a barbecue there, which was made out of an iron bull that blew smoke out of its nose.

Tonight's party was also a gathering of the Hamsters, which is an exclusive club of the big custom bike builders.  They came in yellow t-shirts, which you can see a couple in the photo above.  I didn't meet any of them.  But they're having a big dinner at Sturgis (I think technically Spearfish).

I also got to meet a couple of photographers who do photos for many of the motorcycle publications.  A guy named Rogue, and another guy I can't recall the name of.  It's interesting how many people were there that didn't bring business cards.  But I guess everyone there probably knows each other, and it's just me that doesn't.

Sash was excited to meet Kevin Bean're, who apparently doesn't have a job, nor a home, yet travels on his motorcycle (like us).  He's pretty popular at biker events, and in this case he's been hired by the "Legendary Buffalo Chip" as their official Mayor of Fun.  So, he does get some income.  Otherwise, he stays with whoever will put him up, and gets whatever chow he can get.  He actually arrived to Klock Werks via a 50cc minibike, starting from Louisville, KY.  He did 1,470 miles, which he claims is a new world record for consecutive miles traveled along a 50cc motorcycle.

The folks from Jack Daniels was there to announce a new line of whiskey, which I apparently didn't get the name of, nor was able to get a sample bottle of.  Indian Motorcycles was there to show their new 2015 Roadmaster.  Erik Buell Racing was there to show off their new 1190RX.

From here, we head into Sturgis.  Photos from yesterday...

Leaving our hotel in Sioux FallsSash with her new helmet visorSash riding along the I-90 west
towards Mitchell, SD
Sash carrying her usual load of
Me riding along the I-90 west
towards Mitchell, SD
Stopping at Whiskey Creek
Wood Grill in Mitchell
Rack of ribs at Whiskey Creek
Wood Grill
Me with Laura Klock at the
Sash with Rogue, photographer
for various biker publications
Asphalt Annie bared it all at the
Sash with Sara Liberte, founder
Sash posing with Kevin Bean're
Rita Adams of Motor Market
Magazine and Lisa Brouwer of
Full Throttle Living
Sash posing with TimoliciousKevin Bean're with Karlee
Chislic are lamb kabobs
smoked and grilled
Custom Indian Chief by Klock
Werks Custom Cycles
The new 2015 Indian
Roadmaster on display
Motorcycles parked outside
Klock Werks Custom Cycles
Jack Daniels themed Indian
Klock Werks is famous for its
custom windshields


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