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Spearfish, SD: A Week to Catch Up

sunset spearfish south dakota
Sunset over Spearfish, SD
The biggest difference between Sturgis, SD and Spearfish, SD, at this time of year, is probably about 80 decibels.

The week we were in in our cabin at Sturgis RV Park, we could hear the concerts at The Buffalo Chip a mile away, pretty clearly.

So when our week in the cabin was up, Sash and I moved our stuff to a hotel room 20 miles away in Spearfish to finish out the rally and get caught up on our business.

"Do you hear that?" Sash said to me.

"What." I said.

"It's pure silence!" she said.

After a week of the rally, bikers in Spearfish were starting to thin out, leaving us with beautiful quiet. The day we checked into our room, we stayed in the room the entire day. We napped for a few hours and then tried to tackle the backlog of work. I was still trying to get over a cough, and the meds had my ass kicked.

Otherwise, much of the week here in Spearfish was mostly all work. Nothing spectacular to report.

We did, however, spend a couple of evenings at Stadium Sports Grill, which we discovered was the popular hang out in town. You can order a plate of Macho Nachos, the size of a 25 pound roasted turkey, for $23.00, and if you finish it off by yourself, you get the nachos for free and a t-shirt.

Sash seriously considered it.  But in the end, she only attempted a half-order, and after she polished it off, realized she probably could have defeated the full order.

We also had the pleasure of being visited by motorcycle drag racer Andie Gaskins. Sash had met her last May at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit. Andie and her main man live in Gillette, WY, about a 90 minute drive from Spearfish, and came out just to hang with us. Interestingly, when we leave Spearfish, we'll be staying the night in Gillette, so we'll probably see them again.

Oh, and we did spend a day just riding. We took off for Mount Rushmore, Hill City, Iron Mountain Road, and followed up at Independent Ale House in Rapid City.

Otherwise, Spearfish is a quiet little town.  It's a college town, actually, though it's still Summer vacation.  People seem friendly, and no one seems to want any trouble.

Today we check out of our hotel, and head to Devil's Tower, and overnight in Gillette.

I-90 heading west towards
Spearfish, SD
It rained hard one day at our
hotel in Spearfish
Sash with motorcycle drag racer
Andie Gaskins
Sash outside of Stadium Sports
Grill, Spearfish, SD
Vespa Stephanie drew this
caricature of Sash and I
Sash bought clothes from a
Salvation Army in Spearfish
The stuff we bought to replace
what was stolen in Sturgis
The chinese buffet by our hotel
was not that great
Sash working in our hotel room
Sash and her half-order of
Macho Nachos
This guy ate the full order of
Macho Nachos
Our bikes parked at Walgreens
This Tantanka sign sits near the
Deadwood Convention Center
Me riding along US-85 into
Me and Sash riding US-385
towards Hill City, SD
Me riding hands-free along
Sash riding past Pactola
Reservoir, along US-385
Bumping Buffalo Brew at the
saloon of the same name
Me at Bumpin Buffalo Saloon,
Hill City, SD
Bikes parked outside Mangy
Moose Saloon, Hill City, SD
Sash bought this fox tail and
attached it to her butt
Riding SD-244 into Mount
Sash and I posing in front of
Mount Rushmore
Parked along Iron Mountain
Parked along Iron Mountain
Sash's fox tail sticks up when
Parked in downtown Rapid
City, SD
Sash and bike in downtown
Rapid City, SD
Having a beer at Independent
Ale House, Rapid City, SD
Sash bought this hat and fox
stole in Rapid City
Sash and I at Independent Ale
The pizza we ate at
Independent Ale House
Me taking a photo of a sunset in

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  1. I am enjoying all the pics. I really liked the caricature from Steph too.

    After settling in for a week are you two happy to be back on the road?


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