Thursday, July 31, 2014

What a Week in Sioux Falls Looks Like

downtown Sioux Falls
Downtown Sioux Falls, SD
Pulling into our hotel room at Candlewood Suites, in Sioux Falls, SD, Sash and I felt relieved. We had just spent six days riding across the west from Murphys, CA, covering 2,000+ miles, and staying in cheap motel rooms.

Arriving in town, we had 7 days to rest, get back to work on our marketing business, and relax in more comfortable digs.

Candlewood Suites has become our new home when we need a week or more to stay. They're in all the big cities, and it's always what we look for because the prices are low, but still just as nice as a Hilton or Marriott, you get a full size kitchen, desk space for two, good Wi-Fi, a gym, and free laundry facilities.

  • Sash paid a visit to Ride Empowered, a shop for women's motorcycle gear run by Doris Schumacher.  Doris recently opened the shop last March, and balances her life between husband, kids, and her business.
  • We had several boxes of mail, packages, and work stuff waiting for us at our hotel that we had to get caught up on.
  • Sash and I visited Lisa & Randy Brouwer. Lisa runs "Full Throttle Living", a consulting business for corporations, and teaches an MSF course in the evenings.
  • Sash has been on the phone coordinating with other businesses and media people for our time in Sturgis.
  • I've been working on websites and writing blog content
  • We were told the Fried Egg Burger at JL Beers was the best, but I swear the one at Taphouse 41 was better.  JL Beers has the edge on craft beer selection, however.
Today, we're leaving for Mitchell, SD...

It rained the moment we
arrived in Sioux Falls
Candlewood Suites has become
our favorite long term stay hotel.
Getting my beer on at
Taphouse 41
The fried egg, chorizo burger
at Taphouse 41 is awesome
Sash riding through Sioux FallsArriving at Ride Empowered a
women's biker gear shop
Sash likes to use the hotel room
bed as her office.
The Thirsty Duck offers
two-for-one happy hours
Picking up a slice of chocolate
cake for Sash
Sash's bike at Caribou CoffeeCaribou Coffee offers great
drink, food, and fast Wi-Fi
Old Chicago is a chain, but
has good beer selection
Sash likes to cook in the hotel
18th Amendment is a popular
place for happy hour
Doris Schumacher is the owner
of Ride Empowered
Sash with Lisa Brouwer of
Full Throttle Living
Many businesses are named
"Empire" after the Sioux Empire
There's designated motorcycle
parking in downtown


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