Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lincoln, NE, July 23-24

microtel lincoln, nebraska
Arriving at our hotel in Lincoln, NE
Sash and I felt pleased our ride to Lincoln, NE would only be 230 miles from our motel room in North Platte. It somehow made us feel as if we had tons of time to kill before heading out on the road.

We actually had a conference call with a client on our calendar at 11:00 AM. So we packed up our stuff, checked out of the motel, and found a Starbucks in town to set up temporary office.

The call seemed a success in that it took us another step further towards a hopeful contract.

After the call, we met a guy named Rob on a Ducati Multistrada. He was from Chicago on his way to Boise, ID. But he had already been all over the country. Rob does website development work. Somehow, that made me feel more connected to the guy. Sash went on talking to him, and it seemed like the two had burned a good hour.

We rode to the Sinclair gas station across the street, and Sash met a couple on a purple Road King-turned-Electra Glide. Going by the names Sweet Pea and Taz, they run a shop in Hastings called G&D Leathers. They also run their local BACA (bikers against child abuse) chapter.

After they took off, another guy walked over and asked me about my bike. He rides a Goldwing, but was driving this time. He had ridden all over as well.

Later, Sash and I stopped at an Arby's Roast Beef near Mormon Island for a butt break, when a guy walked over and mentioned he owns a Honda ST1300 as well. So, we struck up conversation about our favorite motorcycles.

Even though the ride to Lincoln was relatively short compared to previous days' rides, we didn't get to our hotel until sunset. The time we spent chatting with folks burned up time. But it was fine. Sash's body was getting sore from the consecutive days of riding.

By the time checked into our room, we ordered up some chinese delivery, got some work done, and then hit the sack.

Photos from today's ride. Tomorrow's ride: Sioux Falls, SD

Taking a conference call at a
Starbucks in North Platte, NE
Me with a fellow web
developer from Chicago
This couple leads their local
BACA chapter in NE
Me talking to a guy who asked
me about my bike
Stopped at this Old Chicago in
Kearney, NE for lunch
Sash enjoying a pizza at Old
The Archway, a giant bridge
with a museum inside
Never thought I'd see a BMW
getting trailered
The water tower in York, NE
looks like a hot air balloon


  1. The one thing I've learned about motorcycle travel is that you have to leave time to talk to folks. And that makes it much more fun and interesting.

  2. My hometown! Left at 18 to join the Navy and have only been back since then for family/friend visits.

    Hope you guys have a good rest of your ride...

  3. Ahhh the Motorcycle Delay Factor. Not just for specific brands.

    It still surprises me sometimes how much of a conversation starter bikes can be.


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