Monday, July 21, 2014

Salt Lake City, July 19-21

redrock brewing salt lake city
Redrock Brewing, Salt Lake City, UT
Thirty-something days from our hometown of San Diego, CA, Sash and I find ourselves in Salt Lake City, feeling almost like we're home again.

Munching down for breakfast at a Denny's on N. Temple Drive, it was like this was a favorite pastime of ours. We had done this same Denny's for breakfast a few times before on other trips to SLC, even staying at the same hotel.

"It's like the whole country is our home", I said. "We're miles from San Diego, but there are places all over the country where we always come to, and where we always like to hang out at."

"Yeah, it's all our back yard", she added.

Sash started naming off other favorite hangouts in other towns we've stayed at. We could visit any one of them and feel at home.

Which makes one wonder what exactly home is. You could be in a certain section of the city where you live and still feel out of place. You could sit at a dinner table with family on a Thanksgiving day and still feel disconnected. On the other hand, you could find yourself in the corner of a bar in a town you've never been to before and never want to leave.

The night we got into town on a Saturday night, we showered up, changed clothes, and hit up one of my favorite hangouts, Squatter's Pub in downtown. It's basically a brewery that serves food, and it's get really packed. Just as we walked in, two bar stools opened up. It wasn't until after midnight that we left. We were having too good of a time talking.

The next night, we went to my other favorite hangout, Red Rock Brewery, where I've hung out dozens of times before.

Otherwise, the city is huge, full of bars and restaurants, yet those are the bars we always go to, and this is always the hotel we always stay at, and Denny's on N. Temple is where we always get breakfast. That's our home here in Salt Lake City.

Why Denny's? I don't know. Just because.

The next leg of our Great Sturgis Road trip, Rawlins, WY.

This polar bear greets visitors
to Elko, NV
Sash riding the I-80 out of
Sash loves stopping at Love's
Truck Stops
I-80 eastbound leaving Wells,
Where Wendover, UT meets
West Wendover, NV
The two of us at Bonneville
Salt Flats
My Honda ST1300 on the
salt flats
Asphalt Annie wants to be the
World's Fastest Barbie
Sash riding into the Sun
Bonneville Salt Flats RdSash's boot with the I-80
passing below
These signs appear along the
salt flats
Me riding the I-80 heading
into Salt Lake City
There are three motorcycles in
this photo
Dinner at Squatter's Pub in
downtown SLC
A shot of the bar inside
Squatter's Pub
Sash getting ready to leave
Squatter's Pub
Sash on her way back to the
An Imperial Red Ale, at
RedRock Brewing, SLC
Sash with the Manager at
RedRock Brewing
The rotisserie chicken at
RedRock Brewing


  1. Maybe for you, home is where you hang your helmet?

    It is nice to know you have places all over the USA that feel like home when you return. Comfort on the road.

  2. I like the comments about feeling at home on the road, especially since you have someone to share the experiences with. I've done a lot of travelling and have favorite restaurants, campgrounds and hotels all over the country but it only feels like home if at least part of my family is along. I barely remember some of the places I've been to when traveling on business...


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