Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rawlins, WY, July 21-22

wyoming i-80
I-80 through Wyoming
Rawlins, WY might be the place where the term, "ethnic white" is most fitting. It's the kind of town where light beer is all they got, where no one checks their Facebook in public, and where they put the cunt in country.

Sash and I sat at a divey little bar called, "Gallery Lounge", which is adjacent to our motel. After a long day's ride, the idea of chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and $1.00 PBR's sounded too good to pass up.

A trucker named John bought a round of drinks for everyone in the place. So Sash returned the favor by talking to him, and he was a nice guy, but he really wanted to rant about California, mentioning that every truck driver can't wait for the Golden State to fall off into the ocean.

"So who do you think is behind the effort to split California into five separate states?" he asked.

"Republicans are", we answered.

John shook his head. "Naw. It's Silicon Valley!" he insisted, though he never explained why.

It seemed however, that his perspective of the world, which focused along a continuous truck route between Utah and Nebraska, didn't think highly of computer geeks, vegans and craft-beer drinking environmentalists. He had been pounding Coors Light at the bar all afternoon and into the evening, having witnessed the driver of a minivan lose his life after rolling on the I-80 earlier in the day.

"And as far as I'm concerned that whole country can just fall off into ocean, because when it does, it's going to become ocean-front property for the rest of us!" he went on.

"But John!" I tried to answer. "If California falls off into the ocean, then all the Californians will invade Wyoming!"

John looked unfazed.

"Do you want liberals running Wyoming?" I asked.

"We already fuckin' got 'em!" he shouted, staring me down as if he was ready to start swinging his mighty whities.

Everyone at the bar laughed.

Sash and I were actually having a good time with John. I thought about taking a photo of the bar to go with this article I'm writing. But as I looked around, the guys in the bar looked really hard core. I mean, these guys looked like they had had enough of us out-of-town bikers, and wanted us out now. Moreover, it turned out that Sash was the only female in the bar, and she was dressed up in all of her Sashtastic wiles. If we had stayed in there past 9:00pm, I'd be bloodied and beaten trying to save her. Somehow, taking a photo of the bar with my cellphone seemed so Californian of me, so I thought better of it.

Small town Wyoming is alive and well, thank you very much.

Sash looks out across Echo
Reservoir, Utah
Where the I-80 and I-84
intersect in Utah
Sash enters Wyoming for the
first time
An old rusted pickup truckSash smoochesIt's still not illegal to drive and
shoot a selfie
Roadside signs for Little
America run across Wyoming
Having lunch at Little AmericaSash and the waitress at Little
Sash with a stuffed bear at
Little America
Me using the restroom at
Little America
An abandoned gas station
along the I-80 Wyoming
Passing through Green River,
The tunnel along the I-80 near
Green River
Passing a truck along the I-80
Sash's front fenderLong straight road through
This guy followed us for 40
miles and pulled into the same
gas station

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  1. I did have to chuckle reading this.

    Good thing you guys know when to use a filter. It can be fun poking the bear, especially when they really don't have a reason for why they say or think certain things.


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