Friday, July 25, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD, July 24

i-29 south dakota
I-29 northbound heading into Sioux Falls, SD
The last leg into Sioux Falls, SD was the roughest. It had actually started out as smooth sailing with the wind at our backs. But by the time we crossed into South Dakota from Iowa, the wind changed directions and was hitting us from the side.

Considering all the stuff Sash had packed on her bike, I was concerned. I mean, I could feel the wind really pushing me hard, and me having to fight to stay on the road. I kept looking in my mirrors to see how she was holding up. And she was right there behind me all the time.

Sioux Falls represents a week of downtime for us. We'll be here until July 31, when head to Mitchell, SD for the pre-Sturgis party at Klock Werks. While we're in Sioux Falls, we get to catch up on our work.

It's a challenge to get up on our marketing business when we're traveling 200-300 miles everyday. We do get some work done in the evenings on those days, but there's just not enough time. I'd rather spend at least 3 weeks at a time in a city, because experience has shown that we get a lot of work done, and we're able to earn more business.

As the schedule is right now, we won't get that long downtime until we reach Boulder, CO in the latter half of August. So while, we're here in Sioux Falls, we have a lot to get done.

The other thing is that we did several consecutive days of Interstate.  That's not something I prefer to do.  But on the other hand, we had to cover a lot of miles fast so that we could have a week to spend in Sioux Falls before we hit the final descent into Sturgis.

As for Sioux Falls, the town looks like most other cities in the Great Plains of the USA. Flat. There are the usual Cracker Barrels, the Kum & Gos, and the Taco Johns.  It has all the amenities of a modern city, just a little smaller in size than my hometown San Diego.  I wish there were more craft breweries, but I did manage to find some good beer bars.

Also while we're here, Sash wants to visit this biker chick shop in town called, "Ride Empowered".  She's been following it on Facebook.

Oh, and if you think Sash is a little late with her social media postings recently, it appears the 802.11 LAN chip on her laptop went kaput.  It won't turn on anymore.  She's been having to do everything on her Android.

Me putting another quart of oil
into Sash's bike
The bridge over the Missouri
River along the I-680
Entering into Iowa from
Nebraska along the I-680
At a rest stop along the I-29 in
Stopping at a Kum & Go in
Iowa along the I-29
Sash took this patriotic photo
of me
Sash still riding strong in the
last stretches
The crosswinds blew fierce
heading into Sioux Falls
It started raining when we got
to our hotel


  1. Enjoy your week of down time, if work can be called down time. You've earned if after all the interstate riding.

  2. Be sure to visit Custer State Park when over on the Sturgis side of the state (though, be sure not to antagonize the bison). It is one of my favourite places in America.


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